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Brand Essentials

Brands are defined by the values they represent, and how they are represented in words and visuals. In this section you will find information about our brand, how to request a copy of our graphic standards, and some high level information about our logo, wordmark and fonts.

The Rotman Identity

The Rotman brand identity was originally designed in 1998 by well-known Canadian graphic designer, Bruce Mau, and was modeled to look and feel like a leading edge think tank. The identity reflected Rotman's relentless focus on great research and contributing meaningfully to contemporary management practice. After a significant brand strategy review starting in 2016, Rotman has refined its identity building on the original design approach and thinking. Over the past 20 years the School has evolved to be a catalyst for positive social and economic change. We are engaged on the most pressing issues of the day, providing insights that cut through the noise of contemporary life, while offering deeper learning experiences for our students and leveraging our location at the historic campus of the University of Toronto, in the heart of a global city, in a diverse and dynamic country. 

Our new tagline- here's where it changes- sums up our promise to the world!

How we express ourselves must reflect this aspiration. 

The Rotman Logo

The Rotman Crest (Logo) is a fixed and locked configuration of the School Name, University Name, and University Crest. The full School Name is set in Centaur Bold upper- and lowercase to convey a sense of tradition. The arrangement of the text and the scale and positioning of the crest must not be altered. The Rotman Crest (Logo) can be used alone or in conjunction with the wordmark. The Rotman logo must never be disassembled, condensed, stretched, slanted, outlined, or otherwise distorted. It may appear only in black or white on top of any of the Rotman colours or on top of photographs where the crest is clearly visible.

Click here to download the logo in an .EPS format and learn more about the logo use guidelines.


The Rotman Wordmark

The “Rotman” name has been rendered in custom-styled letterforms for impact and legibility. Always ensure that the wordmark is clearly legible, as it is the primary element of the Rotman Identity. The Rotman Wordmark must not be condensed, stretched, slanted, outlined, or otherwise distorted. It may appear in any of the colours outlined in the Rotman Colour Palettes. It may be reversed out of colour fields or photographs provided it is clearly legible.

Click here to download the wordmark in an .EPS format and learn more about the wordmark use guidelines.


The Rotman Font Family


One font — Avenir Next — has been carefully chosen to clearly express the full range of the Rotman message in all graphic applications. This font must never be used with exaggerated letterspacing (titles set exclusively in uppercase being the one exception), and the original letterforms must never be condensed or stretched. Bolding or italicizing of all fonts in the font family can be used for sub-heads or to emphasize words within a text. 

Except for the use of Arial for correspondence only, no other fonts are needed for the Rotman message and no other fonts must be used for graphic applications. Use of other fonts with different qualities will confuse and dilute the Rotman message.


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