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Rotman School of Management Wordmark

In the wordmark, the “Rotman” name has been rendered in custom-styled letterforms for impact and legibility. Always ensure that the wordmark is clearly legible, as it is the primary element of the Rotman Identity.

Click here to download the Rotman School of Management wordmark in .EPS format

Wordmark use guidelines:

The Rotman Wordmark must not be condensed, stretched, slanted, outlined, or otherwise distorted. It may appear in any of the colours outlined in the Rotman Colour Palettes. It may be reversed out of colour fields or photographs provided it is clearly legible.


Wordmark Bounding Box

The Rotman Wordmark must never be congested. A sense of spaciousness and clarity is a key quality of the Rotman message. Shown below is an outline box that indicate the closest distance that any other type, image, or logo can get to the Rotman Wordmark. These conditions do not apply to photographic images where the wordmark is reversed out of (or superimposed on top of) a photograph. In such instances, care must be taken to ensure the legibility of the wordmark and logo are not compromised by the underlying photographic image.

Rotman Wordmark Size

  • In print, the width of the wordmark must appear 2” (5.08 cm) or larger. 

  • In digital formats, the logo must appear 144 pixels in width or larger.


For any questions regarding the use of the Rotman Wordmark, please contact Courtney Brownell

Courtney BrownellCommunications and New Media/Web Officer

Rotman School of Management
University of Toronto
105 St. George Street, Rm 4078
Toronto, ON
Canada M5S 3E6

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