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Centre of the action

The Rotman School is in downtown Toronto, Canada’s financial, commercial and cultural capital, consistently ranked one of the best cities in the world in which to live. Our students are trained just blocks from Bay Street (Canada’s business centre), and the School takes full advantage of its location: a variety of academic and research partnerships exist between Rotman and the corporate world.

Royal Ontario Museum

A Global City

As the financial capital of Canada, Toronto boasts a vibrant key industry clusters, a highly-skilled work force and an unmatched quality of life. A city of neighbourhoods, it is one of the most culturally diverse places on earth, and its openness to the global economy make it a perfect spot to gain an international perspective on business. Known for its safe, clean streets and a vibrant culture, it's a great place to live and work.

Photo of downtown Toronto entered in Rotman's annual Lens Competition, 2011

A Financial Centre

Toronto is the third-largest centre for financial services and communications technology in North America, and the site of major clusters of innovation in industries ranging from aerospace to biotech. The Rotman School takes full advantage of its downtown location - just blocks from Bay Street - by drawing on a rich pool of business and political leaders as teachers, mentors and speakers.

red street car on Spadina Ave

Explore the city

In addition to being known as Canada’s financial services capital, ‘Hollywood North’, and ‘Silicon Valley North’, Toronto is home to major industry clusters, including aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, health care, telecommunications, and tourism. With its eclectic mix of architecture, food and shopping, Toronto offers an exciting and enriching experience for those who work and study here.

Gooderham Building

How Toronto compares to other international cities

The consensus is in: Toronto is one of the most liveable and competitive cities in the world. Don't believe us? Read what the Economist, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, and other top business magazines have to say about the city and its strengths as a financial and cultural capital. Find out why we've been called a "smart city", the "capital of cool" and "one of the best places for companies to establish themselves."

Foreign Policy ranked Toronto as the world’s 10th most global city, as well as fourth best for cultural experiences.

Toronto - the World in One City

Toronto, the world's most diverse city, is a great place to gain an international perspective on business