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Our Donors

The tremendous generosity of the Rotman School’s donors and friends is making it possible for us reshape management education through more inspired teaching, extend our platform for research excellence, and expand our community of scholars, creative thinkers, and problem solvers.

Support received for students

A $1-million commitment in matching funds is made by Dr. William Waters (MBA '62) to establish PhD fellowships.

$750,000 from Sonia and Arthur Labatt establishes the Sonia and Arthur Labatt Fellowships in the Not-for-Profit Sector. This initiative, completed in the spring of 2011 made it possible for 24 newly graduated MBA students to pursue full-time work with organizations in the not-for-profit sector.

For seven years in a row, John H. Watson (MBA ’67) has made it possible for a group of second-year MBA students to travel to Omaha, Nebraska, to meet with legendary financier Warren Buffett.

 The rotman school is an incubator for great teachers. The fellowships will attract scholars with the potential to shine as academics and do great things.

$50,000 from Julie Khanna, Ranjan Raja Khanna, and Kamal Sharma, along with friends and family of Manohar Lal Khanna (MBA '71) and matched by the Graduate Student Endowment Fund creates the Lal Khanna Award.  

The Leacross Foundation provides an additional $106,000, matched by the Graduate Student Endowment Fund, to the Leacross Foundation/ R. Bern Award for Women, increasing the award endowment to $300,000.

 The program was designed to give non-governmental organizations access to the business expertise they need to help develop their programs, focus on their mission, and improve outcomes.
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO) commits up to $100,000 of annual funding to the ICAO/Rotman Centre for Innovation in Accounting Education.

$50,000 from Julie Khanna, Ranjan Raja Khanna, and Kamal Sharma, along with friends and family of Manohar Lal Khanna (MBA '71) and matched by the Graduate Student Endowment Fund creates the Lal Khanna Award.

The John and Deborah Harris Family Foundation (John Harris, MBA '77) provides a gift of $25,000 to support student scholarships. 

The Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) Research Foundation awards a $25,000 CSI Research Foundation PhD Scholarship to Rotman School PhD candidate Mohammad M. Rahaman.

The Leacross Foundation pledges $56,000, $50,000 of which is matched by the Graduate Student Endowment Fund, to establish the Leacross Foundation/R. Bern Award for Women.

Birch Hill Equity Partners pledges $50,000, matched by the Graduate Student Endowment Fund, to establish the Birch Hill Equity Partners Award.

A $25,000 gift from the estate of Mary Verna Simmonds establishes the Mary Verna Simmonds Rotman MBA Fellowship in Social Change.

A $25,000 gift from KWA Partners establishes the KWA Partners Award in Leadership.

Sun Life Financial donates $50,000 to the Rotman Bridge to Business program.

Support received for community

Sandra Rotman contributes a total of $1 million to a joint initiative with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) called Rise Asset Development. This initiative provides micro financing loans and mentorship to men and women living with mental illness and addictions who are interested in pursuing self-employment. The Rotman School and CAMH lend their respective expertise in business mentoring and mental health supports and services to benefit clients of this joint initiative.

Support received for our capital expansion*

*Includes all gifts of $25,000 or more, received between May 1, 2006 (the start of our $200-million campaign).

$60 million, consisting of $50 million from the Government of Ontario and $10 million in other government funding.

$3 million from Lee and Margaret Lau.

$1.75 million from BMO Financial Group, recognized by naming the BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab, a high-tech facility that enables students interact with the instruments of the global financial community in a real-time setting.

$100,000 from Mary B. (MBA ’85) and Graham Hallward, also used as a matching gift challenge for the Vision Fund.

$100,000 from Richard Nesbitt (MBA ’85), recognized by naming the Nesbitt Family Media and Teaching Effectiveness Centre, a multimedia and video conferencing facility.

$100,000 from the Larry and Cookie Rossy Family Foundation.

$50,000 Adjunct Professor Brendan Calder.

$50,000 from Debbie and Donald Morrison Family Foundation (Donald Morrison, MBA ’83).

An $18-million gift from Sandra and Joseph (MCom ’60) Rotman names the Lloyd and Delphine Martin Prosperity Institute, the Rotman Commerce program, and Rotman Magazine and also supports the capital expansion.

$50,000 from Bob Ewen (MBA ’77).

$50,000 Dan Sullivan (MBA ’71).

$50,000 from Professor Alan White (PhD ’87).

$50,000 from Professor Mihnea Moldoveanu.

 SUpporting business eduacation allows opportunitt to flourish, breathes life into the economy, and supports the entire community.



Support received for faculty and research

$10-million from Marcel Desautels supports the ongoing initiatives of the Marcel Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking.

$3-million from the Government of Ontario establishes the Premier's Research Chair.

$3,014,000 by Anthony S.  Fell’s family, friends and colleagues upon his retirement as chairman of RBC Capital Markets establishes the Anthony S. Fell Chair in New Technologies and Commercialization.

 The Premier's Research Chair, held by Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School is supporting the development of ground-breaking ideas that are strengthening Ontario's productivity and global competitiveness.

$1-million from the RBC Foundation supports the Martin Prosperity Institute.

$750,000 from the Toronto Stock Exchange to establishes the TSX Capital Markets Initiative and provides the Capital Markets Institute (CMI) with funds to support research and policy initiatives.

$500,000 from the Chartered Accountants of Ontario (CAs) — through the Institute — supports the CA/Rotman Centre for Innovation in Accounting Education. The Institute first partnered with the Rotman School in 2004, making a gift of $500,000 to establish the Centre. Their renewed commitment brings their total support to $1 million. 

 The Institute partners with universities to prepare graduates to become the best chartered accountants possible. Our support for the CA/Rotman Centre for Innovation in Accounting Education provides a focal point for this. The results are innovative curricular enhancements with clear benefits for students, business, and the community.”

$250,000 from the Certified Management Accountants of Ontario (CMA Ontario) creates the CMA Ontario professorship in accounting. An additional $75,000 renews their sponsorship of the CMA Ontario Rotman School Accounting Research Seminars.

$250,000 from the Certified General Accountants of Ontario (CGA Ontario) establishes the CGA Ontario Professorship in Financial Accounting. The professorship will support research that helps students, business, and government to understand and set better accounting standards.

$250,000 from KPMG foundation (part of KPMG Canada) renews their support for the KPMG Professorship in Accounting. This latest contribution brings their total giving for the professorship, which has enabled the Rotman School to reform its accounting curriculum, to $500,000.

$50,000-per-year sponsorship commitment by Certified Management Accountants of Ontario (CMA Ontario) strengthens academic collaboration and instruction in managerial accounting.
 CMA works with universities to move accounting management forward. The professorship and seminars are facilitating this, supporting research and dialogue that leads to innovative ways to look at and teach management issues and positively influence future CMAs
Marcel Desautels, Sandra & Joseph Rotman - Transformational Donor at the Rotman School.



Among our many donors, Marcel A. Desautels, Sandra Rotman, and Joseph Rotman have played visionary and transformational roles in the Rotman School’s evolution into an international forum for management education and research.

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