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At Rotman, our students are our key strength. Our classes are comprised of globe trotters, professional athletes and emerging leaders. Rotman students come from all over the world and they aren’t afraid to make bold career moves, start new businesses or take on leadership positions at prominent firms. In some cases, they’re juggling family responsibilities and pursuing causes they care about. Learn more about our students.

How he did it: from MBA grad to blockchain entrepreneur

November 05, 2018
“The main thing people need to understand about blockchain is that it’s about trust,” Kesem Frank (MBA ’15) says before delving into the nut...  > more

The Full-Time MBA class of 2020 takes on Toronto’s most pressing issues, looks forward to the journey ahead

October 01, 2018
How do you get the career you want? Be strategic, say three notable Rotman alumni: follow smart people, know what you care about and don’t b...  > more

MBA students hit the streets and take on business problems with CityLab

September 04, 2018
During the second year of their MBA program, CityLab fellows Felipe Branco (MBA ’18) and Mohsin Bin Latheef (MBA ’18) never got too comforta...  > more

For this former pro athlete, blending sports, business and fun is all in a day’s work

July 19, 2018
How do you make sure that every Toronto game feels like a win for the fans, as well as for the team’s corporate partners? It’s not as easy a...  > more

How one MBA ’17 landed a job in the heart of banking

May 17, 2018
Sourav Kumar (MBA ’17) knows that the decisions he makes today will shape the future of finance in Canada and potentially around the world. ...  > more

How Business School Became a Family Matter for Two Full-time MBAs

May 17, 2018
Most new parents anticipate a bit of a learning curve with the arrival of their first child, but Tess Cecil-Cockwell (MBA ’18) and Zachary M...  > more
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