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Omnium Global Executive MBA candidates should be prepared for a demanding course of study that requires working in teams with people of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Students are expected to balance a full-time course load with obligations to their employers and families. The program suits highly motivated individuals who are keen to take on the challenges of a broader world.

Not least among the many benefits of the program, you will gain lifelong membership in a network of truly global leaders. Graduates tell us the international business contacts they have made — not to mention friendships forged with classmates — have been more than worth their while.

Omnium’s residential study modules are opportunities to immerse yourself in distinctive business cultures few can understand from afar. While full-day classes, workshops and site visits make up the bulk of the experience, students are encouraged to spend their free time mingling with our host executives and getting to know the local scene.

The program fees include catered meals and transportation within each module, but flights and accommodations are students’ responsibilities. We are happy to help you obtain special rates through group bookings at our preferred four-star hotels.

Program Format

Omnium Global Executive MBA Program Experience

Omnium: India Module

Follow the Omnium students on a two-week program module in India

In their own words...

We asked Omnium Global Executive MBA students to share three words that describe the program and their experiences.

Omnium After Dark

Take a glimpse into life after dark on an international program module in India. Follow the students through late night group project work and the social side of life in the program.

Doing Business in India

During the program's two-week international study modules, students have an opportunity to hear from local business leaders and learn first-hand about the ins and outs of doing business in the region. Experience snapshots from some of those company visits on the program's module in South Asia.

An Instructor's Perspective

Simon Ashbourne talks about the Omnium Global Executive MBA program from an instructor's perspective.

The Omnium Experience: Anil's Perspective

Hear about the Omnium Global Executive MBA program from graduate Anil Anand.

Why Omnium?

Hear about the Omnium Global Executive MBA program from graduate Marie Glenn.

The Omnium Experience: Ann Marie's Perspective

Hear about the Omnium Global Executive MBA program experience -- and the feeling at graduation -- from graduate Ann Marie MacDougal.

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A Day in the LifeIt's 6:30 a.m. in Shanghai. Your alarm rings...

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