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Program overview

The Rotman MMA

Master the skills needed to succeed in the field of management analytics with our full-time program that runs from August to April.

What is management analytics?

Management analytics involves developing a precise understanding of the factors influencing managerial decisions, and designing data and analytical solutions to support these decisions.

It encompasses the multiple skills needed to extract insights from real-world business data, including:

  • Acquire a deep understanding of the managerial problem
  • Identify the data sources and create analytical data sets
  • Designing, validating and implementing analytical solutions
  • Communicating your results effectively

During the program, the Management Analytics Practicum will provide an opportunity to gain in-depth experience in each of these stages on a real-life managerial problem.

The Rotman Master of Management Analytics

The MMA is is a nine-month program which runs from August to April. The program is structured so that you initially focus on the tools and techniques before moving on to application of analytics to management situations.


(August to September)

Familiarize yourself with Rotman and gain an overview of the topics your will be covering during the program.

Analytical Tools and Techniques

(September to December)

In this term, students learn about a wide range of analytic tools, ranging from simple predictive models to more complex statistical models of learning to simulation-based tools.

Managerial Uses of Analytics

(January to April)

This term looks at the typical challenges organizations face, and whether data can be used to solve them. It considers the types of data available in different sectors and departments, and how they can be used to meet organizational objectives.

Management Analytics Practicum

(September to April)

The practicum provides an opportunity for student teams to engage with a real-world business problem. You will devise an analytical approach to solving a managerial issue and working with your counterparts in the organization, present a design for the analytical data set and model development, then execute and present results.

The courses within the program, topics covered in the colloquium and other resources at Rotman will help you in producing the best possible solution to managerial challenges during your practicum.

The following organizations provided practicum projects during 2018/19:

Image of logos of organizations involved in practicum projects


(September to April)

A series of mini-courses throughout the program exposes you to current trends and topics. The areas covered are reviewed annually to ensure the most important issues are covered. Certain topics, such as ethics, will be covered each year.

Topics covered in 2018/19 include:

  • Ethical and Legal Issues in AI
  • The Basics of API Usage and Design
  • Hadoop for Data Science
  • Text Analytics and Semantic Analysis
  • Neural Network: Topology and Tuning
  • Deep Learning

Professional certification

As analytics matures as a profession, gaining professional certification is becoming increasingly important. While obtaining professional certification is not a program requirement, you will be supported and encouraged during a two-week period to write professional certification exams for organizations such as SAS.

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Key Facts


  • 9 months, full-time


  • August, one intake per year

Tuition fee (2018 entry):

  • Domestic = $46,000 CAD
  • International = $63,000 CAD

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The Rotman MMA is an AI-related master's program recognized by the Vector Institute as delivering a curriculum that equips its graduates with the skills and competencies sought by industry.

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