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Rotman PhD: Job Market Candidates

Who's on the Market?

The scholars who graduate with a PhD from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto go on to research at some of the world's top schools. The following graduates of the Rotman PhD program are currently on the job market:


Ross Lu   

"Economic Consequences of Control-Procedures Disclosure: Evidence from the 2006 SEC Regulation on Related-Party Transactions"

Committee: Ole-Kristian Hope (Chair), Gus De FrancoPing ZhangBaohua Xin

Barbara Su

Committee: Scott Liao (Co-Chair), Gord Richardson (Co-Chair), Dushyantkumar VyasBaohua Xin

"Activist Short-Selling" 

Committee: Ole-Kristian Hope (Chair), Partha Mohanram, Alex Edwards, Dushyantkumar Vyas, Baohua Xin


Joon Bae

Committee: Bing Han (Co-Chair), Redouane Elkamhi (Co-Chair), Tom McCurdy

Tetyana Balyuk

Committee: Sergei Davydenko (Chair), Craig Doidge, Alexander Dyck


Committee: Chen-Bo Zhong (Co-Chair),Pankaj Aggarwal (Co-Chair), Will Cunningham, Spike Lee

"Essays in Advertising Messages, Mass Media, and Product Positioning"

Committee: Avi Goldfarb (Chair), Andrew T. Ching, Ron N. Borkovsky

Strategic Management

Ahn Kwangjune


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