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Academic Areas

Rotman has 7 academic areas around which our research and teaching are focused

The areas are: accounting, business economics, finance, marketing, operations management, organizational behaviour/human resource management and strategic management.



These are some of the questions Accounting faculty pose in their widely published research. Find out more about our world-class faculty, their research, what they teach and the academic events they organize in this section. Over the last 6 years Rotman accounting faculty have placed 6th in the world for their scholarship according to Bringham Young University's prestigious Accounting Research rankings.

Business Economics

Economic Analysis and Policy

These are just some of the questions being posed by Rotman Economic Analysis and Policy faculty, whose research is being published in top-tier journals such as the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of International Economics, and the Journal of Urban Economics. Find out more about these world-class scholars, their research and the courses we offer in this section of our website.

Trading Lab


The Rotman Finance Area focuses on research & education: publishing in top-tier journals and educating students and executives in the latest financial thinking. Find out more about our world-class faculty, their research and the courses we offer.



The Marketing Area at Rotman is focused on the creation and dissemination of high quality research by recognized academic leaders. Faculty members study a wide range of marketing issues with an emphasis on rigorous methods and strong theoretical foundations.

Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources Management

Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

The Area of OB/HRM at the Rotman School of Management aims to create a collegial environment in which faculty can pursue high-quality research in the fields of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management.

Operations Management

Operations Management and Statistics

Find out more about our world-class Operations Management and Statistics faculty, their research and the courses we offer.

Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Rotman's approach to strategic management is discipline-based (from sociology, economics and other fields). Our courses are based on rigorous research, logical consistency and data-driven analysis. Students have the opportunity to learn from all facets of strategy including competitive analysis, networks, causal modelling, the digital economy, corporate restructuring and how to build innovative and entrepreneurial organisations.

Professor Avi Goldfarb on Online Advertising

Avi Goldfarb is Professor of Marketing at Rotman

Professor Heather-Anne Irwin on the New Issue Syndicate

Professor Irwin teaches in the MFin program

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