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The finance faculty of the Rotman School are renowned for their breakthrough research, their published pieces in top-tier journals, and their impact in the classroom, inspiring students and executives with the latest financial thinking.


Finance faculty

With over 30 faculty members, the finance area is the largest at the Rotman School and has some of the world's leading thinkers in the field.

Research Publications

Research and Publications

Our faculty publishes research in top ranked academic journals and have written textbooks used in business schools around the globe.



The Finance Area invites academics from around the world to present their research and findings. The seminars are usually held on Fridays from 10:30-12:00

Trading Lab

BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab

BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab provides a focal point for research and training in a range of financial disciplines, including: investment strategy and portfolio management; financial engineering and risk management; trading; and analysis of the microstructure of markets. It offers students access to the global financial community and its resources in a real-time setting.

Capital Markets

Capital Markets Institute

The Capital Markets Institute at the Rotman School of Management fosters a clear understanding of the challenges facing the Canadian capital markets, and the institutional tools that Canada must develop in order to convert those challenges into opportunities to be a leader among the world’s small, open capital markets.


Finance Alumni and Faculty Presentations

The finance area keeps in touch with alumni who are working in finance at a number of events that are organized throughout the year. Here are further details and some recent presentations to alumni by finance area faculty.

Risk Management

Financial Risk Management at the University of Toronto

Research is carried out in a number of faculties and departments including the Rotman School of Management, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Engineering. Three programs are offered by the University at the Masters level. Here is a central listing of activities. 


Finance Contacts

The Finance Area Coordinator is Professor Alexander Dyck, and he can be reached at

Finance at Rotman

Faculty - Alan White - The Evolving Derivatives Market

Alan White is the Peter L. Mitchelson/SIT Investment Associates Foundation Chair in Investment Strategy

Faculty - Peter Christoffersen - Elements of Financial Risk Management

Professor Peter Christoffersen is the author of Elements of Financial Risk Management

Faculty - Susan Christoffersen - Industry Connections

Susan is a Vice-Dean and an Associate Professor of Finance at Rotman

Professor Jan Mahrt-Smith on Behavioural Finance

Professor Mahrt-Smith teaches in the MFin, MBA and PhD programs

Professor Heather-Anne Irwin on the New Issue Syndicate

Professor Irwin teaches in the MFin program

The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis

Rotman Professor John Hull is the world's leading expert in options, futures and derivatives

Rotman - Canada's Top Finance School

Rotman Professor John Hull is the world's leading expert in options, futures and derivatives

Financial Research and Trading Lab

Professor McCurdy teaches in the MFin and MBA programs


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