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RSM 328 Fall 2016

Useful databases for this course include

1. Key Business Ratios
  • International coverage includes company reports, industry reports, news articles, SWOT analyses, etc. Make sure to uncheck the "Suggest Subject Terms" box.
2. EMIS (Emerging Market Information Service)
  • Includes China, India, and other countries that would no longer be considered emerging. No Canada/US coverage. Start by selecting country, then can search for industry information, statistics, company information, annual reports, financials, and more.
3. Mergent
  • North American industry reports broken down by Canada and U.S. coverage, company information and financials for public companies.
4. Factiva
  • International news coverage. Also has industry and company reports. Mergent North American industry reports can be found by searching for Mergent in "Source".
5. Capital IQ
  • Ratios are listed under Financials/Valuation. Screenings can also be used to gather data.
6. Bloomberg
  • Under Equities, DES then ratios is option 3. Can also check RV (relative value) or EQS (Equity Screening Tool).
7. Investext
  • Go to Screening & Analysis. Works only in IE, make sure to log off when finished. If receiving notice that site is full, contact the BIC.
8. S&P Netadvantage 
  • Excellent U.S. industry reports in drop-down menu. Usually updated twice a year, some sub-industry reports available. Company reports include how to analyze company, stock reports, and more.

9. IBISWorld

  • Canada, U.S., global industry reports.  Ratios and key statistics are available at the end of the report or by going to the "Key Statistics" tab on the left and choosing "Key Ratios".

For research assistance, contact Holly Inglis.



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