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Centre for Innovation in Accounting Education

Proposal Guidelines

The CPA/Rotman Centre for Innovation in Accounting Education invites you to submit proposals for teaching grants.

The Centre will provide funding to faculty members to promote and create enhanced learning environments, capitalizing on technology and research in learning. We will continue to provide support and leadership in reforming the accounting curriculum within the CPAO Accredited programs. All proposals will be considered.

There is no application form. The Proposal submission should include, as appropriate:

  • Identification of applicant (including position at UofT)
  • Title of proposal to which funds will be applied
  • Description of proposal
  • The objective of the proposed undertaking and why the Centre should support it
  • The deliverable (s) from the undertaking and the timing of the deliverable (s)
  • Qualifications for undertaking the proposed initiative (if applicable)
  • Amount of funds requested.
  • Number of hours of research assistant time required and when
  • Other sources of seed money for the proposed initiative
  • A clear action plan


Normally, teaching grants awarded by the Centre range from $1,500 to $5,000.


Each award recipient is required to submit to the Centre a final report upon completion of the project. If the project extends beyond six months, then brief semi-annual progress reports are required.

Deadline for Submissions

Please submit your proposals by email to


Questions regarding teaching grants should be directed to the Centre at

We are looking forward to reading your proposals.

Joan Kitunen, FCPA, FCA & Irene Wiecek, FCPA, FCA
CPA/Rotman Centre for Innovation in Accounting Education

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