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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Rotman DesignWorks grant degrees?
Rotman DesignWorks does not grant degrees or diplomas. Business Design courses are offered as part of the Rotman School of Management's MBA program. You can specialize in Business Design by taking requisite MBA elective courses. For more information on the Rotman MBA program visit the Rotman website.

Does Rotman DesignWorks take on consulting projects?
Rotman DesignWorks’ primary purpose is to teach. If you work for an organization and are interested in having our students work on a problem, please refer to ‘I work for an organization and want to work with students using Business Design. How might I engage?’ question.

I’m interested in the Rotman MBA for Business Design. What does Rotman offer?
Rotman offers Business Design learning experiences through extra-curricular and academic offerings. Go to the Business Design at Rotman page to learn more. You have the opportunity to create your own Business Design experience – mixing and matching workshops, sprints, case competitions and academic courses.

What courses are offered in Business Design?
Business Design courses are offered in the second year of your MBA. These electives allow you to customize your Business Design experience based on your interests and career goals while earning credit towards your degree. These opportunities offer a greater focus on the theory, process, and application of Business Design. Adjunct faculty with relevant industry experience and expertise teach each elective course. Learn more. Business Design electives are ideal for students interested in applying innovation and creativity in their careers.

I work for an organization and want to work with students using Business Design. How do I do that?
Your organization can sponsor a project within an elective academic course. Our courses are open to second year MBA students who have had previous Business Design experience and are interested in applying their skillset to an innovation challenge. To learn how your organization can get involved, contact us by email:

I’m an executive. Can I sign up for a course?
Currently, open-enrolment opportunities for individuals in Business Design are not available. Courses in the Rotman MBA program are only available to current students. If you are interested in a program for your company, Rotman Executive Programs offers custom Business Design programs that directly address the unique challenges and structure of your organization.

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