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Learn from the world's leading business thinkers. Rotman faculty have built a stellar reputation for their groundbreaking research, teaching excellence and insights into a wide range of management issues.

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  • Photo of Professor Pat Akey

    Akey, Pat

    Assistant Professor of Finance, Department of Management, University of Toronto Mississauga

  • Keith Ambachtsheer

    Ambachtsheer, Keith

    Adjunct Professor of Finance

  • Photo of Anita Anand

    Anand, Anita

    J.R. Kimber Chair in Investor Protection and Corporate GovernanceDirector of Research and Policy at the Capital Markets InstituteCross-appointed to Rotman School of Management (Finance area) from the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto




  • Sergei A. Davydenko

    Davydenko, Sergei A.

    Associate Professor of Finance

  • Photo of Assistant Professor Oliver Dessaint

    Dessaint, Olivier

    Assistant Professor of Finance

  • Craig Doidge

    Doidge, Craig

    Professor of Finance
    Professorship in Corporate Governance

  • Asher Drory

    Drory, Asher

    Adjunct Professor & Executive-in-Residence

  • Alexander  Dyck

    Dyck, Alexander

    Professor of Finance and Economic Analysis and Policy
    Manulife Financial Chair in Financial Services
    Area Coordinator, Finance Area
    Cross Appointed to Faculty of Law




  • Paul J. Halpern

    Halpern, Paul J.

    Professor Emeritus of Finance

  • Bing Han

    Han, Bing

    Professor of Finance
    Dr. Anita Chan Chair in Applied Quantitative Finance

  • Michael Hasler

    Hasler, Michael

    Assistant Professor of Finance

  • John C. Hull

    Hull, John C.

    Professor of Finance
    University Professor
    Maple Financial Group Chair in Derivatives and Risk Management
    Co-Director, Master of Finance program
    Co-Director, Rotman Master of Financial Risk Management program




  • Alexandra E. MacKay

    MacKay, Alexandra E.

    Associate Professor, Teaching Stream in Finance
    Executive Director, Rotman Commerce Professional Skills Centre

  • Rotman Dean Tiff Macklem

    Macklem, Tiff

    Dean of Rotman School of Management
    Professor of Finance

  • Jan Mahrt-Smith

    Mahrt-Smith, Jan

    Associate Professor of Finance

  • Charles Martineau

    Martineau, Charles

    Assistant Professor of Finance, Department of Mangement
    University of Toronto Scarborough

  • Tom McCullough

    McCullough, Tom

    Adjunct Professor of Finance

  • Tom  McCurdy

    McCurdy, Tom

    Professor of Finance
    Bonham Chair in International Finance
    Founder and Academic Director, BMO Financial Group Finance Research & Trading Lab
    Status cross-appointment with Economics




  • Andreas Park

    Park, Andreas

    Associate Professor of Finance, Department of Management, University of Toronto Mississauga




  • Fotini Tolias

    Tolias, Fotini

    Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
    Co-Director, Master of Finance program



  • Liyan Yang

    Yang, Liyan

    Professor of Finance
    Peter L. Mitchelson/SIT Investment Associates Foundation Chair in Investment Strategy

  • Irene Yi

    Yi, Irene

    Assistant Professor, Finance Area


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