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Matt Bamber

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    Matt Bamber

    Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

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    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Risk reporting: A Review; Bamber, M., Elshandidy, T., Shrives, P., & Abraham, S,; Journal of Accounting Literature; Issue: 40; 2018; Pages: 54-82
    • The Q&A: Under Surveillance; Bamber, M. and Abraham, S.; Accounting, Organizations and Society; Issue: 58; 2017; Pages: 1-17
    • Occupational Limbo, Transitional Liminality and Permanent Liminality: New Conceptual Distinctions; Bamber, M., Allen-Collinson, J. and McCormack, J.; Human Relations; Issue: 70 (12); 2017; Pages: 1514-1537
    • An examination of international accounting standard-setting due process and the implications for legitimacy; Bamber, M. and McMeeking, K.; British Accounting Review; Issue: 48 (1); 2016; Pages: 59-73

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Accounting and Finance For Managers: A Decision-Making Approach; Bamber, M. and Parry, S.; Kogan Page; Issue: 2nd edition; 2017

    Research and Teaching Interests

    My research examines topics related to identity, social interaction, and the influence of surveillance on social actors behaviour and strategies. My research has been published in a number of journals, including Accounting Organizations and Society, Human Relations, Higher Education, British Accounting Review, Applied Accounting Review, Corporate Communication, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, and Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research.  

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