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Geoffrey J. Leonardelli

geoffrey leonardelli

    Geoffrey J. Leonardelli

    Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour   HR Management

    Degrees: PhD, The Ohio State University
    MA, The Ohio State University
    BA, University of North Carolina
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    Geoffrey Leonardelli is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at Rotman (with a cross-appointment to the Department of Psychology). His research targets how people can harness knowledge about themselves to enhance their leadership, team dynamics and negotiator effectiveness, with some emphasis on international relations. Geoff created Rotman’s course on “Leading Teams” and teaches managerial negotiations. He has published in the Journal of World Business, Psychological Science, and Advances in Experimental Social Psychology and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

    Academic Positions

    2010 - present  Associate Professor; University of Toronto
    2004 - 2010  Assistant Professor; University of Toronto
    2002 - 2004  Post-Doctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of Dispute Resolution; Northwestern University
    2002  Lecturer; University of Maryland

    Selected Publications - Papers

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Social Cognition, Social Identity, and Intergroup Relations: A Festschrift in Honor of Marilynn Brewer; Kramer, R.M., Leonardelli, G.J., & Livingston, R.W.; Psychology Press Festschrift series. New York.; 2011
    • The new adventures of regulatory focus: Self-uncertainty and the quest for diagnostic feedback; Leonardelli, G.J. & Lakin, J.; Handbook of Self-Uncertainty; 2010
    • Using collective identities for assimilation and differentiation; Pickett C.L., & Leonardelli, G.J.; In T. Postmes & J. Jetten (Eds.), Individuality and the Group: Advances in Social Identity. Sage Publications; 2006; Pages: 56-73
    • The Big Bang: The evolution of negotiation research. [Article part of special issue on Getting To Yes.]; Thompson, L.L., & Leonardelli, G.J.; Academy of Management: Executive, 2004; Pages: 113-117
    • Why negotiation is the most popular business school course; Thompson, L.L., & Leonardelli, G.J.; Ivey Business Journal, 2004
    • Toh, S.M., DeNisi, A.S., & Leonardelli, G.J.The perspective of host country nationals in socializing expatriates: The importance of foreign-local relations. In C. Wanberg (Ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Socialization; New York, NY: Oxford University Press
    • Goals and negotiation. In E.A. Locke & G.P. Latham (Eds.) New Developments in Goal Setting and Task Performance. in press; Tasa, K., Whyte, G., & Leonardelli, G.J.

    Professional Affiliations/Memberships

    International Association for Conflict Management
    Academy of Management
    Association for Psychological Science
    Society for Experimental Social Psychology
    Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup)

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Areas: Leadership, Negotiation, Teams and Groups


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