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Christopher Liu

Christopher Liu

    Christopher Liu

    Assistant Professor of Strategic Management  

    Degrees: DBA, Harvard University
    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    BA, Washington University in St. Louis
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    Phone: 416-978-5268


    Christopher Liu is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at Rotman. His research explores spatial networks: how geography shapes the ability of individuals and firms to enter into some (but not other) relationships and networks. Empirical settings for his work have ranged from scientists working within a biotechnology firm to the US Senate Chamber. Chris also has a long-standing interest on scientists, innovation and productivity, and continues to actively conduct research in this area.

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Geography and Power in an Organizational Forum: Evidence from the U.S. Senate Chamber; with Jillian Chown; Strategic Management Journal; forthcoming; 2014
    • Positions and Rewards: The Allocation of resources within a Science-Based Entrepreneurial Firm; with Toby Stuart; Research Policy; forthcoming; 2014
    • Brokerage by Design: Formal Structure, Geography and Crosscutting Ties; under review; 2014
    • Bringing the Lab Back In: Personnel Composition and Scientific Output at the MIT Department of Biology; with Annamaria Conti; under review; 2014
    • The (Changing) Knowledge Production Function: Evidence from the MIT Department ofBiology for 1970-2000; with Annamaria Conti; NBER Working Paper Series; Issue: WP #20037; 2014
    • An Equilibrium Model of Capability Change; with Joel Blit; under review; 2012
    • An Intra-organizational Ecology of Individual Attainment; with Sameer Srivastava and Toby Stuart; under review; 2011
    • Boundary spanning in a for-profit research lab: An exploration of the interface between commerce and academe; with Toby Stuart; under review; 2010
    • Social Influence Given (Partially) Deliberate Matching: Career Imprints in the Creation of Academic Entrepreneurs; with Pierre Azoulay and Toby Stuart; under review; 2009
    • The Large Extracellular Loop of Murine CD9 is an Autonomously Folding Dimer; with Richard O. Hynes and Peter S. Kim; mimeo; 2005
    • Complete Replication of Hepatitis C Virus in Cell Culture; with Lindenbach BD, Evans MJ, Syder AJ, Wold B, Tellinghuisen TL, Maruyama T, Hynes RO, Burton DR, McKeating JA, Rice CM; Science; 2005
    • Eschericia coli DegP Protease Cleaves Between Paired Hydrophobic Resieus in a Natural Substrate; with Jones CH, Dexter P, Evans AK, Hultgren SJ, and Hruby DE; J. Bacteriology; 2002
    • Residues SFQ (173-175) in the Large Extracellular Loop of CD9 are Required for Gamete Fusion; with Zhu GS, Miller BJ, Boucheix C, Rubinstein E, Hynes RO, Myles, DG, and Primakoff P; Development; 2002
    • Periplasmic Chaperone Recognition Motif of Subunits Mediates Quarternary Interactions in the Pilus; with Soto GE, Dodson KW, OggD, Heuser J, Knight S, Kihlberg, Jones CH, and Hultgren SJ; EMBO J; 1998
    • Ectopic Overexpression of Asparagine Synthetase in Transgenic Tobacco; with Brears T, Knight TJ, and Coruzzi GM; Plant Physiol.; 1993

    Honors and Awards

    2010-2013  Excellence in Teaching Award; Rotman
    2014  Grant Recipient; INET/CIGI
    2012  New Researcher Award; Connaught Foundation
    2011  BPS Dissertation Finalist; AOM
    2011  TIM Dissertation Finalist; AOM
    2011  Best Doctoral Dissertation; DRUID Society
    2008  Dissertation Fellow; Kauffman Foundation
    1993  Compton Fellow; Washington University in St. Louis

    Research and Teaching Interests

    My research explores the geographic antecedents of networks. As some examples, I am currently working on projects examining i) the email networks of life scientists, ii) co-sponsorship patterns of US Senators and iii) regional patenting activity  

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