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Christopher Liu

Christopher Liu

Christopher Liu

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management  


DBA, Harvard University
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
BA, Washington University in St. Louis




Christopher Liu is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at Rotman. His research explores spatial networks: how geography shapes the ability of individuals and firms to enter into some (but not other) relationships and networks. Empirical settings for his work have ranged from scientists working within a biotechnology firm to the US Senate Chamber. Chris also has a long-standing interest on scientists, innovation and productivity, and continues to actively conduct research in this area.

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Non-Academic Positions

  • 2009-

    Founding Partner, Power Ten Consulting

Selected Publications - Papers

Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

  • The Emergent Lab

    MIT Press (under contract)


Research and Teaching Interests

My research explores the a) geographic antecedents of networks and the b) scientist careers and scientific laboratories. As some examples, I am currently working on projects examining i) the email networks of life scientists, ii) co-sponsorship patterns of US Senators and iii) a large scale reconstruction of biological laboratories. I teach Core Strategy as well as Cooperative Strategy, for which I received the Rotman Teaching Award in 2017.

Honors and Awards

  • 2017

    Teaching Award, Rotman

  • 2015

    IDG Grant Recipient, SSHRC

  • 2010-2013

    Excellence in Teaching Award, Rotman

  • 2014

    Grant Recipient, INET/CIGI

  • 2012

    New Researcher Award, Connaught Foundation

  • 2011

    BPS Dissertation Finalist, AOM

  • 2011

    TIM Dissertation Finalist, AOM

  • 2011

    Best Doctoral Dissertation, DRUID Society

  • 2008

    Dissertation Fellow, Kauffman Foundation

  • 1993

    Compton Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis

Academic / Professional Service

  • 2016-2017

    Insight Development Grant Adjudication Committee, SSHRC

  • 2017-

    Scientific Advisory Board, IRIS/University of Michigan

  • 2019

    Special Issue Editor on Micro-Geography, Industry and Innovation

  • 2017-

    Academy of Management Review Editorial Board,

  • 2016-

    Strategic Management Journal Editorial Board,

  • 2016-2019

    Rotman Executive Committee, Rotman/Univ of Toronto

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