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A. Rebecca Reuber

A. Rebecca Reuber

    A. Rebecca Reuber

    Professor of Strategic Management  

    Degrees: PhD, Queen's University
    MSc, Queen's University
    BA, Queen's University
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    Becky Reuber is Professor of Strategic Management at Rotman. Her research focuses on the growth strategies of entrepreneurial organizations, including foreign market entry, the use of social media, the financing of social ventures and early-stage reputation development.  She is Associate Editor of Family Business Review and serves on the editorial board of Journal of Business Venturing and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. Becky was recently a member of the Toronto Board of Trade’s Access to Capital Task Force, and writes a monthly case study for The Globe and Mail's website.

    Academic Positions

    2008-  Professor of Strategic Management; Rotman School of Management
    1992-2008  Associate Professor; Rotman School of Management
    1987-1992  Assistant Professor; Faculty of Management, University of Toronto
    2012  Adam Smith Visiting Research Fellow; University of Glasgow, Scotland
    2011-2014  Visiting Professor; University of Adelaide, Australia
    1998  Visiting Professor; University of Victoria, Canada
    1994  Visiting Fellow; Australian National University, Australia
    1987  Visiting Assistant Professor; Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Online entrepreneurial communication: Mitigating uncertainty and increasing differentiation via Twitter; E. Fischer and A.R. Reuber; Journal of Business Venturing; Issue: 29 (4); 2014; Pages: 565-583
    • Positioning person brands in established organizational fields; M-A Parmentier, E. Fischer and A.R. Reuber; Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science; Issue: 41 (3); 2013; Pages: 373-387
    • International entrepreneurship in internet-enabled markets; A.R. Reuber and E. Fischer; Journal of Business Venturing; Issue: 26 (6); 2011; Pages: 660-679
    • When nobody knows your name: Country of origin as a reputational signal for online businesses; with E. Fischer; Corporate Reputation Review; Issue: 14 (1); 2011; Pages: 37-51
    • Social interaction via new social media: (How) can interactions on Twitter affect effectual thinking and behavior?; with E. Fischer; Journal of Business Venturing; Issue: 26 (1); 2011; Pages: 1-18
    • Marketing (in) family firms; with E. Fischer; Family Business Review; Issue: 24 (3); 2011; Pages: 193-196
    • Organizations behaving badly: When are discreditable actions likely to damage organizational reputation?; with E. Fischer; Journal of Business Ethics; Issue: 93 (1); 2010; Pages: 39-50
    • Strengthening your literature review; Family Business Review (Top downloaded article for FBR in 2010, with 1,500 downloads); Issue: 23 (2); 2010; Pages: 105-108
    • Signaling reputation in international online markets; with E. Fischer; Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal; Issue: 3 (4); 2009; Pages: 369-386
    • Don't rest on your laurels: Reputational change and young technology-based ventures; with E. Fischer; Journal of Business Venturing; Issue: 22 (3); 2007; Pages: 363-387
    • The good, the bad and the unfamiliar: The challenge of reputation formation facing new firms; with E. Fischer; Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice; Issue: 31 (1); 2007; Pages: 53-75
    • The company you keep: How young firms in different competitive contexts signal reputation through their customers; with E. Fischer; Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice; Issue: 29 (1); 2005; Pages: 57-78
    • Contextual antecedents and consequences of relationships between young firms and distinct types of dominant exchange partners; with E. Fischer; Journal of Business Venturing; Issue: 19 (5); 2004; Pages: 681-706
    • Targeting export support for SMEs: Owners' international experience as a segmentation basis; with E. Fischer; Journal of Small Business Economics; Issue: 20 (1); 2003; Pages: 69-82
    • Public support for rapid growth firms: A comparison of the views of founders, government policy makers and private sector resource providers; with E. Fischer; Journal of Small Business Management; Issue: 41 (4); 2003; Pages: 346-365
    • Foreign sales and small firm growth: The moderating role of the management team; with E. Fischer; Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice; Issue: 27 (1); 2002; Pages: 29-46
    • Understanding the consequences of founders' experience; with E. Fischer; Journal of Small Business Management; Issue: 37 (2); 1999; Pages: 30-45
    • The role of management's international experience in the internationalization of smaller firms; with E. Fischer; Journal of International Business Studies; Reprinted in International Entrepreneurship, B.M. Oviatt & P.P. McDougall (Eds), Edward Elgar, 2007; Issue: 28 (4); 1997; Pages: 807-825
    • A theoretical overview and extension of research on sex, gender and entrepreneurship; with L. Dyke and E. Fischer; Journal of Business Venturing; Reprinted in Women Entrepreneurs, Greene, Brush, Carter, Gatewood & Hart (Eds.), Edward Elgar, 2005; Issue: 8 (2); 1993; Pages: 151-168

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Understanding eINVs Through the Lens of Prior Research in Entrepreneurship, International Business and International Entrepreneurship; A.R. Reuber, E. Fischer and A. Morgan-Thomas; Forthcoming; Issue: In Routledge Companion to International Entrepreneurship. Edited by S. Fernhaber and S. Prashantham; 2015
    • Success in Fast-Growth Markets: Strategies for Smaller Players; with C. Couper; Global Commerce Centre, Conference Board of Canada; Issue: Publication 14-018; 2013
    • Building International Sales in a Digitize Economy: Best Practices for SMEs; with E. Fischer; International Trade & Investment Centre, Conference Board of Canada; Issue: Publication 11-301; 2011
    • The State of Entrepreneurship in Canada; with E. Fischer; Small Business and Tourism Branch, Industry Canada; 2010
    • Survival of the Fittest: Which SMEs Internationalize Most Extensively and Effectively?; with E. Fischer; International Trade and Investment Centre, Conference Board of Canada; Issue: Publication 08-338; 2008
    • Entrepreneurship: A Process Perspective, 1st Canadian Edition; Baron. Shane & Reuber; Thomson Publishing; Issue: January; 2007
    • Industrial clusters and SME promotion in developing countries; with E. Fischer; London: Routlege; Issue: In Competitiveness Strategy and Industrial Performance: A Manual for Policy Analysis. Edited by G. Wignaraja; 2003; Pages: 143-178
    • Domestic market size, competences, and the internationalization of small- and medium-sized enterprises; with E. Fischer; Stamford CT: JAI Press; Issue: Research in Global Strategic Management. Edited by A.M. Rugma and R.W. Wright; 1999; Pages: 85-100

    Academic / Professional Service

    2013-  Member; CGA-Canada's SME Trade Advisory Panel
    2012  Chair, Awards Task Force; Entrepreneurship Division, Academy of Management
    2011  Member, Editorial Review Board; Journal of Business Venturing
    2009-2011  Member, Access to Capital Task Force; Toronto Board of Trade
    2008-  Associate Editor; Family Business Review
    2002-  Member; Editorial Review Board of Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
    2000-2004  Member of the Selection Committee; Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award
    1997-2000  Chair, International Committee; Entrepreneurship Division, Academy of Management
    1997-1998  Research Fellow; Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
    1997-1999  Vice-President (Programs); Canadian Council for Small Business & Entrepreneurship

    Honors and Awards

    2013-2015  Insight Development Grant, Building Brand and Organizational Legitimacy in Digital Markets; SSHRC
    2011-2013  Insight Development Grant, An Investigation of Social Venture Funds and Hybrid Social Ventures; SSHRC
    2011  Top Reviewer Award; Journal of Business Venturing
    2010-2014  Teaching Awards; Rotman School of Management
    2010-2011  Factors Influencing the Financing of Social Ventures; AIC Institute for Corporate Citizenship Rotman School of Management
    2009-2012  Research Grant, Benefits of Internationalization for Young Firms; SSHRC
    2009-2012  Research Grant, The dynamics of reputation in young firms; SSHRC
    2008-2015  Strategic Knowledge Cluster Grant, International Entrepreneurship; SSHRC
    2008-2009  Social Venture Funds; AIC Institute for Corporate Citizenship, Rotman School of Management
    2008-2009  Public Outreach Grant, Measuring the Impact of Doing Good; SSHRC
    2006-2009  Research Grant, The Development of Reputation in Young Firms; SSHRC
    2003  Best Paper Award; Administrative Sciences Assocation of Canada
    2000  Best Paper Award; Canadian Bankers' Association
    1999-2006  Multi-Collaborative Research Initiative (MCRI) Grant, Entrepreneurship Research Alliance II: A Collaborative Effort to Create and Disseminate Knowledge about Firm Growth in North America; SSHRC
    1997  Best Paper Award; Canadian Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
    1996-1999  Strategic Grant, Effective Internationalization by Canadian SMEs; SSHRC
    1995  Best Paper Award; Canadian Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
    1992  Best Paper Award; International Council for Small Business
    1991-1996  Research Grant, Experientially-Based Reasoning in Management; SSHRC
    1990  Best Paper Award, Entrepreneurship Division; Academy of Management

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Entrepreneurship, the internationalization of new firms, digital start-ups, social media.  

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