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Mengze Shi

Mengze Shi

    Mengze Shi

    Associate Professor of Marketing  
    On leave from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015

    Degrees: PhD, MSIA, Carnegie Mellon University
    MBA, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing
    BSc, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
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    Mengze Shi is Associate Professor of Marketing at Rotman. His research is focused on incentives, specifically how people respond to incentives and how companies should design incentive programs. He has investigated a wide range of consumer incentive programs, including loyalty rewards, sweepstakes, group buying, discounts, and direct mails, as well as incentives for sales agents such as commissions and sales contests. His work has covered such industries as airlines, wireless communications, gasoline retailing and mailing catalogs.

    Academic Positions

    from 2004  Associate Professor of Marketing; Rotman School of Management
    Spring 2008  Visiting Associate Professor of Marketing; Cheung Kong School of Business, Beijing
    Fall 2007  Visiting Associate Professor of Marketing; Carnegie Mellon University
    2001-2004  Assistant Professor of Marketing; Rotman School of Management
    1997-2001  Assistant Professor of Marketing; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Money Talks: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Incentives for WOM referrals; with A. Wojnicki; Journal of Advertising Research; 2014
    • Threshold Effects in Online Group Buying; Wu, J., Shi, M., Hu, M.; Management Science, Forthcoming; 2014
    • Sequential and Simultaneous Group Buying Mechanism; with Hu and Wu; Management Science; 2013
    • Channel Management with Gray Markets; Hu, M., Pavlin, M., M. Shi; MSOM; 2012
    • Strategic Relationship between Endogenous and Exogenous Switching Costs; M. Shi; Quantitative Marketing and Economics; 2012
    • Rise and Fall of Superstars: Investigating the Evolution of Athlete Brands in NBA; with Yupin Yang; International Journal of Research in Marketing; Issue: September; 2011
    • Consumer Value-maximizing Sweepstakes & Contests: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation; with A. Kalra; JMR; Issue: April; 2010
    • Empirically Investigating the Value of a Brand Alliance in Professional Team Sports; with Yupin Yang and Avi Goldfarb; Marketing Science; Issue: November; 2009
    • Price competition with reduced consumer switching costs: the case of wireless number portability in cellular phone industry; with J. Chiang and B. Rhee; Management Science; Issue: 52; 2006
    • A B2B Bargaining model for a first-time interaction under asymmetric beliefs on supply reliability; with H. Gurnani; Management Science; 2006
    • Dynamic Network-based Pricing Strategies; Fruchter, Rao, and Shi; Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications; 2006
    • Capacity management through reward programs; with Byung Do Kim and Kannan Srinivasan; Management Science; Issue: April; 2004
    • Salesforce compensation scheme and consumer inference; with Ajay Kalra and Kannan Srinivasan; Management Science; Issue: May; 2003
    • Virtual progress: The effect of path characteristics on perceptions of progress and choice behavior; with Dilip Soman; Management Science; Issue: September; 2003
    • Social Network-based Discriminatory Pricing Strategy; Mengze Shi; Marketing Letters; Issue: December; 2003
    • Reward Programs and TAcit Collusion; with Byung-Do Kim and Kannan Srinivasan; Marketing Science; Issue: Spring; 2001
    • Designing Optimal Sales Contests: A Theoretical Perspective; with Ajay Kalra; Marketing Science; Issue: Spring; 2001
    • Mailing Smarter to Catalog Customers; with Fusun Gonul and Byung-Do Kim; Journal of Interactive Marketing; Issue: Spring; 2000
    • Optimal Mailing of Catalogs: A New Methodology Using Estimable Structural Dynamic Programming Models; with Fusun Gonul; Management Science; Issue: September; 1998

    Honors and Awards

    2003  Roger Martin and Nancy Lang Awards for Excellence in Research; Rotman School of Management

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Currently teaches Distribution Channel Strategy, Marketing Research, Marketing Data Analysis, PhD seminar. Recent research focuses on design of incentive programs: incentives for customers (loyalty programs, referral rewards, sweepstakes, group buying, network discounts, direct mailing), incentives in sales management (commissions, sales contest, recognition, pay caps), and incentives in service management (mystery shoppers, bonus, contests).  

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