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Peter Dungan

Peter Dungan

    Peter Dungan

    Adjunct Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy

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    Peter Dungan is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy, with cross-appointments at the Department of Economics and the School of Public Policy and Governance. He is also the Director of Rotman’s Policy and Economic Analysis Program. His research concentration is on computer simulation models of the Canadian and Ontario economies developed. They also form the backbone of an ongoing program developing both short-term and long-term economic forecasts for Canada and Ontario. Peter was appointed a member of the “Ontario Economic Forecast Council” by the Ontario Finance Minister in 2006.

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • An Au-thentic Opportunity: The Economic Impacts of a New Gold Mine in Ontario; Dungan and Murphy; Ontario Mining Association; 2014
    • Macroeconomic Impacts of Canadian Immigration: An Empirical Analysis Using the FOCUS Model; Dungan, Fang and Gunderson; British Journal of Industrial Relations; Issue: March; 2013; Pages: 274-195
    • Risks of a Prolonged Low-Interest-Rate Environment for the Pensions Sector; Ambachtsheer, Dungan, Murphy, Pesando and Sorochenko; Global Risk Institute; 2013
    • Growth-Oriented Sales Tax Reform for Ontario: Replacing the Retail Sales Tax with a 7.5 Percent Made-in-Ontario VAT; with J. Mintz, F. Poschmann and T. Wilson; C.D. Howe Commentary No. 273; 2008
    • Impacts of a 'Representative Mine' on the Ontario Economy; Peter Dungan and Steve Murphy; Ontario Mining Association; 2007; Pages: pp. 15
    • Forecasting Processes and Performance of the Department of Finance; Peter Dungan and Steve Murphy; Dept. of Finance; 2005; Pages: pp. 150

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Fiscal Policy in Danada 1990-2014 - Forthcoming; Dungan, Murphy and Wilson; Canadian Tax Foundation; 2016
    • The Financial Crisis of 2008 and the ‘Real’ Economy: Damage but Not Disaster; The Finance Crisis and Rescue, Rotman School of Management and University of Toronto Press; 2008; Pages: pp. 81-94
    • The 2006 Budget: A Quantitative Appraisal; The 2006 Federal Budget: Conference Volume published by John Deutsch Institute, Queen's University.; 2007; Pages: pp. 45-54
    • The Impact of Productivity Growth on Government Fiscal Balances; Review of Economic Performance and Social Progress - 2002; Institute for Research in Public Policy and Centre for the Study of Living Standards; 2002; Pages: pp. 95-116

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Research is centered on computer simulation models of the Canadian economy to develop longer-term forecasts and policy analyses. Teaches courses on the Macroeconomic Environment of Business and on Forecasting Models and Econometric Methods.  

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