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Joseph Milner

Joseph Milner

    Joseph Milner

    Professor of Operations Management and Statistics

    Degrees: PhD in Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    MS in Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    BS in Industrial Engineering, Cornell University
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    Phone: 416-978-5552


    Joseph Milner is a Professor of Operations Management at Rotman. He teaches courses on operations management, operations strategy, and service operations at the MBA and Executive MBA levels. His research interests include service operations modeling, revenue management and healthcare operations. His publications appear in Operations Research, Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, and Production and Operations Management, and serves on their editorial boards.

    Academic Positions

    2015-Present  Professor; University of Toronto
    2007-2015  Associate Professor; University of Toronto
    2002-2007  Assistant Professor; University of Toronto
    1995-2002  Assistant Professor; Washington University in St. Louis

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Inventory Management of Reusable Surgical Supplies; Adam Diamant, Joseph Milner, Fayez Quereshy, Bo Xu; Health Care Management Science, forthcoming; 2017
    • Clinical Trials and New Drug Development: Optimal Investment Policies and Applications; Panos Kouvelis, Joseph Milner, Zhili Tian; Manufacturing & Supply Operations Management, forthcoming.; 2017
    • Inventory Rationing for Multiple Class Demand under Continuous Review; Q. Ding, P. Kouvelis, J. Milner; Production and Operations Management, forthcoming; Issue: 25 (8); 2016; Pages: 1344-1362
    • Liking and Following and the Newsvendor: Operations and Marketing Policies under Social Influence; M. Hu, J. Milner, J. Wu; Management Science; Issue: 62 (3); 2015; Pages: 867-879
    • Patient and operational factors affecting wait times in a bariatric surgery program in Toronto: a retrospective cohort study.; A. Diamant, J. Milner, et al.; CMAJ; Issue: 3 (3); 2015; Pages: E331
    • Analysis of Patient Attrition in a Publicly Funded Bariatric Surgery Program; Adam Diamant, Joseph Milner, Michelle Cleghorn, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Allan Okrainec, Timothy D Jackson, Fayez Quereshy; Journal of the American College of Surgeons; Issue: , 219 (5); 2014; Pages: 1047-1055
    • Double-Sided Batch Queues with Abandonment: Modeling Crossing Networks; Philipp Afeche, Adam Diamant, Joseph Milner; Operations Research; Issue: , 62 (5); 2014; Pages: 1179-201
    • Revenue Management Through End-of-Period Discounts in the Presence of Customer Learning; Joseph Milner and Anton Ovchinnikov; Production and Operations Management; Issue: 21 (1); 2012; Pages: 69-84
    • Now Playing: DVD Purchasing for A Multi-Location Rental Firm; Opher Baron, Iman Hajizadeh, Joseph Milner; Manufacturing & Services Operations Management; Issue: 13 (2); 2011; Pages: 209-226
    • Facility Location: A Robust Optimization Approach; Opher Baron, Joseph Milner and Hussein Naseraldin; Production and Operations Management; Issue: , 20 (5); 2011; Pages: 772-785
    • Staffing to maximize profit for call centers with alternate service level agreement; Opher Baron, Joseph Milner; Operations Research; Issue: 57(3); 2009
    • Spreadsheet Model Helps to Assign Medical Residents at the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine; Anton Ovchinnikov, Joseph Milner; Interfaces; Issue: 38(4); 2008
    • Service Level Agreements in Call Centers: Perils and Prescriptions; Joseph Milner, Tava Lennon Olsen; Management Science; Issue: 54; 2008
    • Dynamic Pricing for Multiple Class Deterministic Demand Fulfillment; Qing Ding, Panos Kouvelis, Joseph Milner; IIE Transactions; Issue: 39(11); 2007
    • Inventory, Speculation and Sourcing Strategies in the Presence of Online Exchanges; Joseph Milner and Panos Kouvelis; Manufacturing & Services Operations Management; Issue: 9 (3); 2007
    • Dynamic Pricing through Discounts for Optimizing Multiple Class Demand Fulfillment; Qing Ding, Panos Kouvelis and Joseph Milner; Operations Research; Issue: 54(1); 2006

    Honors and Awards

    1999, 2000, 2001  Reid Teaching Award; Washington University in St. Louis
    2010-2013  Excellence in Teaching; Rotman School of Management

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Service Operations Management, Healthcare Operations Management, Revenue Management in Supply and Service Chains  

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