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Mihnea Moldoveanu


    Mihnea Moldoveanu

    Vice Dean, Learning and Innovation
    Marcel Desautels Professor of Integrative Thinking
    Director, Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking
    Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy

    Degrees: DBA, Business Administration, Harvard University
    MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
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    Mihnea Moldoveanu is the Vice Dean of Learning and Innovation, Director of Desaultels Centre for Integrative Thinking and Marcel Desautels Professor of Integrative Thinking. He has enjoyed parallel careers as an entrepreneur and academic. He joined Rotman in 1999 and jointly developed the concept of Integrative Thinking with Dean Roger Martin. His books include The Future of the MBA, co-authored with Roger Martin. Mihnea is the founder of Redline Communications, Inc., a leading manufacturer of wireless broadband telecommunications equipment. In 2008, he received Canada’s “Top 40 Under 40” award.

    Academic Positions

    2011 - Present  Associate Dean, Full Time MBA Program; Rotman School of Management
    April 2002 - Present  Director; Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking
    July 1999 - June 2009  Associate Professor; Strategic Management Area, Rotman School of Management
    July 1997 - July 2000  Post-Doctoral Fellow; Department of Psychology, Harvard University
    November 1997 - July 1999  Post-Doctoral Fellow; Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, Managerial Decisions and Negotiations and Entrepreneurship interest groups

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Thinking Strategically about Thinking Strategically: The Computational Structure and Dynamics of Managerial Reasoning; Moldoveanu, M.C.; Strategic Management Journal; 2009
    • Why and How do Theory Groups Get Ahead in Organization Science?; Moldoveanu, M.C.; Strategic Organization; Issue: Vol. 7 (3); 2009
    • On the Structure, Dynamics and management of Organizational Complexity; Moldoveanu, M.C., R. Bauer; under review, Research Policy; 2009
    • The Epistemic Structure and Dynamics of Social Networks; Moldoveanu, M.C., Baum, J.A.C.; Working paper, Rotman School of Management, under review, Management Science; 2009
    • Designing the Thinker of the Future: An Educational Opportunity in Post-Modern High Capitalism; Moldoveanu, M.C. , Martin, R.L.; under review, Academy of Management Perspectives; 2009
    • Einige Bemerkungen zur Frage: Was ist organisationale Komplexitat?; Bauer, R., Moldoveanu, M.; Zeitschrift fur Betribswissenschaft; Issue: October; 2008
    • An Inter-Subjective Measure of Complexity Grounds: A New Approach to the Study of Organizational Complexity; Moldoveanu, M.C; Emergent Publications, ISCE Book Series - Managing the Complex; Issue: Vol. 5; 2005; Pages: 255-286
    • On the Relationship Between Organizational Complexity and Organizational Dynamics; Moldoveanu, M.C. and Bauer, R.; Organization Science; Issue: Vol.15; 2004; Pages: 98-118
    • Capital Versus Talent: The Battle That’s Reshaping Business; Martin, R.L. and Moldoveanu, M.C.; Harvard Business Review; Issue: February; 2004
    • Information Regimes, Information Strategies and The Evolution of Interfirm Network Topologies; Moldoveanu, M.C., J.A.C. Baum and T. Rowley; in Research in Multi-Level Issues, Yammarino, F.J. and F. Dansereau, eds.; Issue: June; 2003; Pages: 221-264
    • Models as an Explanatory Strategy and the Ubiquity of Information as an Explanation; Moldoveanu, M.C., J.A.C. Baum and T. Rowley; in Yammarino, F.J. and F. Dansereau, eds., Research in Multi-Level Issues; Issue: June; 2003; Pages: 264-271
    • The Evolutionary Metaphor: A Synthetic Framework for the Study of Organizational Phenomena; Moldoveanu, M.C. and J. Singh; Strategic Organization; Issue: Vol. 1; 2003; Pages: 439-449
    • When Will Stakeholders Act? An Interest and Identity-Based Model of Stakeholder Mobilization; Rowley, T. and M.C. Moldoveanu; Academy of Management Review; Issue: Vol. 28; 2003; Pages: 204-219
    • Contemporary Debates in Organizational Epistemology; Moldoveanu, M.C. and J.A.C. Baum; in Companion to Organizations, J.A.C. Baum, ed., New York: Blackwell; 2002; Pages: 733-751
    • Epistemology in Action: A Framework for Understanding Organizational Due Diligence Processes; Moldoveanu, M.C.,; in The Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital and Organizational Knowledge: A Collection of Readings, New York: Oxford University Press, Choo, C.W. and N. Bontis, eds.; 2002; Pages: 403-420
    • False Memories of the Future: A Critique of the Applications of Probabilistic Reasoning to the Study of Cognitive Processes; Moldoveanu, M.C. and E.J. Langer; Psychological Review; Issue: Vol. 109; 2002; Pages: 358-375
    • Language, Games and Language Games; Moldoveanu, M.C.; Journal of Socio-Economics; Issue: Vol. 31, 2,; 2002
    • When 'Stupid' is Smarter Than We Are; Moldoveanu, M.C.; in Why Smart People Can be So Stupid, R. Sternberg, Ed.; 2001; Pages: 212-231
    • The Self as a Problem; Moldoveanu, M.C. and H. Stevenson; Journal of Socio-Economics; Issue: Vol.30; 2001; Pages: 295-330
    • Foundations of the Open Society: Discourse Ethics and the Logic of Inquiry; Moldoveanu, M.C.; Journal of Socio-Economics; Issue: Vol.29; 2000; Pages: 403-442
    • The Construct of Mindfulness; Langer, E.J. and M.C. Moldoveanu; Journal of Social Issues; Issue: Vol.56; 2000; Pages: 1-9
    • Mindfulness Research and the Future; Langer, E.J and M.C. Moldoveanu; Journal of Social Issues,; Issue: Vol.56; 2000; Pages: 129-139
    • Mindfulness; Moldoveanu, M.C and E.J. Langer; , in S. Pritzker and M. Runco, eds., Encyclopedia of Creativity, Academic Press; 1999; Pages: 221-234
    • The Power of Predictability; Stevenson, H. and M.C. Moldoveanu; Harvard Business Review; Issue: July; 1995

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    Honors and Awards

    2002-2011  Excellence in Teaching; Rotman School of Management
    2007  Canada's Top 40 under 40
    2003  Best Paper Award; International Association for Business and Society
    May 2001  Best Paper Award; Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
    1992  Associate Member; Sigma Xi

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