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Anil Verma

Anil Verma

    Anil Verma

    Director, Centre of Industrial Relations & HR 
    Professor of Industrial Relations and HR Management  

    Degrees: PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    MBA, University of Saskatchewan
    B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology
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    Phone: 416-978-2488


    Anil Verma is a Professor of Human Resource Management at Rotman and Director of the Centre for Industrial Relations & Human Resources. His primary research interests are in the area of management responses to unionization, participative forms of work organization, wage and employment outcomes, and the contribution of workplace innovations to organizational performance. He serves as a member of the Advisory Committee on Labour and Income Statistics at Statistics Canada and on the Board of Directors of COSTI Immigration Services, the largest such non-profit agency in Canada.

    Academic Positions

    1989-Present  Professor; University of Toronto
    2009-2015  Director, Centre for Industrial Relations & Human Resources; University of Toronto
    2005-2011  Visiting Associate Professor; Middlesex University Business School
    1987-1988  Visiting Professor; University of California Los Angeles
    1983-1988  Assistant Professor; University of British Columbia
    1978-1980  Lecturer; University of Saskatchewan

    Non-Academic Positions

    1976-1978  Manager, Subcontract Operations;Guest Keen Williams Ltd.

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Industry and Firm-level Determinants of Employment Relations in China: A Two-level Analysis; Huang, Xiaoyu and Anil Verma; International Journal of Human Resource Management; 2016
    • Unionization and Income Growth of Racial Minority Immigrants in Canada: A Longitudinal Study; Verma, Anil, Jeffrey G. Reitz and Rupa Banerjee; International Migration Review (Forthcoming); Issue: 11(3); 2015; Pages: 1-32
    • Labor Market Flexibility & Trajectories of Development: Lessons from Brazil, India & China; Verma, Anil and Ana V.M. Gomes; Indian Journal of Industrial Relations; Issue: 50(1); 2014; Pages: 51-74
    • The Recruitment and Selection of Pension Trustees: An Integrative Approach; Sayce, Susan, Johanna Weststar & Anil Verma; Human Resource Management Journal; Issue: 24(3); 2014; Pages: 307-322
    • Explaining Organizational Responsiveness to Work-Life Balance: The Role of Business Strategy and High Performance Work Systems; Jing Wang & Anil Verma; Human Resource Management; Issue: 51(3); 2012; Pages: 407-432
    • Post-Migration Education Among Recent Adult Immigrants to Canada; Rupa Banerjee & Anil Verma; Journal of International Migration and Integration; 2011
    • Token Presence or Substantive Participation? A Study of Labor Trustees on Pension Boards; Anil Verma & Johanna Weststar; Journal of Labor Research; Issue: 32(1); 2011; Pages: 39-60
    • Realizing the Korean Dream for Work Family Balance: Employer Policies for Sustainable Societies; Verma, Anil, Young-Chul Chang and Hyun Jeong Kim; National Human Resource Development Journal, Special Issue on Work-Life Balance, July; 2009
    • Career Consequences of Taking Parental Leave: Do Women Fare Better Than Men?; Verma, Anil and Jing Wang; Journal of Creativity and Innovation; Issue: 2(2), October; 2009
    • Recent Developments in Labour Policy and Regulation in China; Verma, Anil, Jing Wang and Stephen Frost; Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal, 14(2); 2008; Pages: p. 243-269
    • Globalization, Workplace Practices and Innovation: Recent Evidence from the Canadian Workplace and Employee Survey; Walsworth, Scott and Anil Verma; Industrial Relations; 2007
    • Learning Among Lower-wage and At-risk Workers: The Role of Personal, Organizational, and Social Resources; Verma, Anil and Sara Mann; Canadian Journal of Studies in Advanced Education, 20(2); 2007; Pages: p. 114-129
    • Labour Standards for a Fair Globalization for Workers of the World; Verma, Anil and Gail Elman; Good Society, 16(2); 2007; Pages: p. 57-64
    • What Makes for Effective Labor representation on Pension Boards?; Weststar, Johanna and Anil Verma; Labor Studies Journal, December, 32(4); 2007; Pages: p. 382-410
    • Globalization, Workplace Practices and Innovation: Recent Evidence from the Canadian Workplace and Employee Survey; Walsworth, Scott and Anil Verma; Industrial Relations, April; 2007; Pages: p. 220-238
    • Does “Fighting Back” Make a Difference? The Case of the Canadian Auto Workers Union; Eaton, Jonathan and Anil Verma; Journalof Labor Research; Issue: XXVII, Spring; 2006; Pages: p. 187-212
    • International Labor Standards, Soft Regulation, And National Government Roles; Kuruvilla, Sarosh and Anil Verma; Journal of Industrial Relations; Issue: 48(1), February; 2006; Pages: p. 41-58
    • What Do Unions Do to the Workplace? Union Impact on Management and HRM Policies; Verma, Anil; Journal of Labor Research; Issue: 26 (3 ), Summer; 2005; Pages: p. 415-49

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Employment Relations in India; Sundar, Shyam and Anil Verma; In Bamber, G.J., Lansbury, R.D. Wailes, N. & Wright, C.F. (eds). International and Comparative Employment Relations: Regulation, Globalisation and Change, 6th ed. Sydney: Allen & Unwin; London: Sage; Issue: 6th edition; 2015; Pages: 316-340
    • Non-standard Employment in government: an overview from Canada and Brazil; Verma, Anil and Ana Gomes; Geneva: International Labour Organization; 2014; Pages: 1-40
    • The International Regulation Of Domestic Work: Challenges and Opportunities In Applying ILO Convention 189 in India, Brazil and Canada; Gomes, Ana and Anil Verma; In Malcolm Sargent and Martina Ori, eds., Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Working. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K.: Cambridge Scholars Publishing; 2013; Pages: 163-183
    • Do Employee Relations Occur in a Vacuum? Recent Evidence on Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Relations in Canada; Verma, Anil and Rafael Gomez; in Paul-Andre Lapointe, ed., Perspectives on Changes in Work. Quebec: Les Presses de l’Universite Laval; 2011; Pages: 53-64
    • Employment Relations in India; Venkata Ratnam, C.S. and Anil Verma; In Greg Bamber, Russell Lansbury and Nick Wailes, eds. International and Comparative Employment Relations. London: SAGE, 5th ed.; 2010; Pages: 330-356
    • Global Challenges for Development of Human Resources; Verma, Anil and Qian He; In Ian C. Roper, Rea Prouska, Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya, eds., Critical Issues in Human Resource Management. London : Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development; 2010; Pages: 359-373
    • Employee Involvement in the Workplace; Verma, Anil and Daphne Taras; in Morley Gunderson and Daphne Taras, eds., Union-Management Relations in Canada, 5th Edition. Don Mills, ON: Addison-Wesley; 2008; Pages: p. 447-485
    • Just Having it is not Enough: Labour’s Voice on Pension Boards; Weststar, Johanna and Anil Verma; in J. Quarter, I. Carmichael, and S. Ryan (Eds.). Socially Responsible Investment of Union-Based Pension Funds. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press; 2008
    • Unions in the 21st Century: An International Perspective; Verma, Anil. and Thomas A. Kochan (Eds); in London: Palgrave Macmillan; 2004; Pages: 267p

    Recent Presentations

    • Recently Published China-related Books on Global Work & Employment; The Global Transformation of Work: Market Integration, China's Rise, and Labor Adaptation Conference, Rutgers University, School of Management and Labor Relations; 17-18 March; 2016
    • Corporate Codes vis-à-vis the Role of Government in Labour Regulation in the Global Economy; Presented to the 13th Brazil Congress International Law, University of Fortaleza, Fortaleza (Brazil); 27-28 August; 2015
    • The Evolution from Corporate Responsibility to Corporate Liability; presented to the 16th World Congress, International Labour and Employment Relations Association, Cape Town, South Africa; 7‐11 September; 2015
    • Developing a Research Program; Doctoral Consortium, Annual Conference of Canadian Industrial Relations Association, Montreal; 25-27 May; 2015
    • Improving transitions for youth to further education, training and employment; presented to the 7th Expert meeting of the Employment and Skills Strategies in Southeast Asia Initiative (ESSSA) of the OECD-LEED Program, Siem Reap (Cambodia); 7-8 October; 2015
    • The Minimum Wage and the Agriculture Sector; Anil Verma; talk given to AgHR Roundtable, University of Guelph; 16 March; 2014
    • The Minimum Wage Process in Ontario; Anil Verma; talk given to seminar in labour law, Osgoode Hall Law School; 19 March; 2014
    • Minimum Wage Setting: The Ontario Experience; Anil Verma; talk given to the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa; 2 April; 2014
    • Labour Policies for Job Creation and Inclusive Growth; Anil Verma; Annual Meeting of Ministers of Labour, Halifax; 5 September; 2014
    • Local Economic Development and Employment Creation: Evidence from Ontario; Anil Verma; OECD Conference in South-East Asia, Bangkok; 17-18 September; 2014
    • Social Enterprises as a Platform for Skill Development; Anil Verma; Faculty of Social Work, University of the Philippines, Manila; 15 September; 2014
    • Lessons from India and China for Labour Flexibility in Brazil; Anil Verma; Graduate Faculty in Law, University of Fortaleza, Fortaleza, Brazil; 14 October; 2014
    • Policy Responses to Growth of Precarious Jobs; Anil Verma; talk given by invitation to workshop organised by All India Organisations of Employers [AIOE], Sri Ram Centre [SRC] and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung [FES], New Delhi; 18 January; 2013
    • The Role of Public Policy in Job Creation; Anil Verma; invited talk given to annual conference of Economic Developers’ Council of Ontario, London, ON; 6 February; 2013
    • Attracting, motivating and retaining talent; Anil Verma; invited talk given to Graduate Students’ Consulting Club, University of Toronto; 21 February; 2013
    • International Trends in Collective Bargaining Outcomes; Anil Verma; talk given to Canadian Electricity Association, Toronto; 25 March; 2013
    • Comparing Labour Markets in Brazil and India: Challenges and Opportunities; Anil Verma; talk given to the Study Tour to India class, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto; 27 March; 2013
    • The Human Side of CSR: A Critical Review; Verma, Anil and Kelly Pike; presented to workshop on CSR Policies, Middlesex University, London; 15 April; 2013

    Honors and Awards

    2011-present  Member, Editorial Board; Journal of Industrial Relations (Australia)
    2015-present  Editorial Board; The Mowat Centre, School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto
    2015-present  Editorial Board; UTP/Rotman Imprint, University of Toronto Press
    2013-14  Chair, Ontario Minimum Wage Advisory Panel; Government of Ontario
    2012-16  Member, Advisory Board, Trade Agreements and Labour Project; International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva
    2011-15  Member, Advisory Committee on Labour Statistics; Statistics Canada
    2011-15  Member, Board of Directors; COSTI Immigrant Services, Toronto
    2012-15  Chair, Selection Committee; Bora Laskin Award awarded for contributions to labour law in Canada
    2009  Best Paper Award; HR Division, Academy of Management, (with Jing Wang)
    2006  Invited Member, Strategic Planning Committee; Labor & Employment Relations Association
    2006  Lead Coordinator, Scientific Program Committee; 14th World Congress, International Industrial Relations Association, Lima, Peru
    2006  Member, Judging Panel, Immigrant Success Awards; Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council and the Maytree Foundation
    1996-1997  President; Canadian Industrial Relations Association

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Teaches courses in Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management and Employee/worker Participation. Research includes the implications of free trade for labour, workplace innovations, wages, the public sector, mutual gains in labour-management relationships and labour relations.  

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