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Dollars and Sense

Canada Post

The future of delivery

Canada Post faces questions about how traditional mail can find its footing in a world dominated by email.

Brand Management

A successful brand campaign: Priceless

The head of worldwide marketing for Mastercard gives his view on why the Priceless campaign has resonated so strongly with customers.

Financial Reporting

Tech-sector profitability comes with a catch

How stock market favourites Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google adjust their earnings to overstate perceptions of profitability and understate risk.

Funds Management

Extra mutual fund cash is a good sign for investors

Mutual fund investors should be cautious about funds holding low amounts of cash. Funds with high amounts of cash actually outperform those whose managers keep cash reserves low.

Investment Banking

Winter months SAD for U.S. Treasury securities

The best time to invest in U.S. Treasury securities may be spring, thanks to seasonal variations in investor risk tolerance linked to depression.

Real Estate

Real estate bidding wars may be here to stay

Frenzy, frustration and disappointment are what home buyers have come to dread about real estate bidding wars. They had better get used to it.


What price shocks say about a stock’s future

What should investors make of sudden jumps or drops in stock prices that occur for no apparent reason? Rapid and unexplained changes in a stock's price bode ill for the long run.

The Practise of Model-Based Decision Making

The capstone course is a highlight of the Rotman Full-Time MBA

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