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A collection of videos discussing behavioural insights and ways to apply them in the real world.

BEAR Videos

Nudge: Helping People Make Better Choices

Introduction to the amazing world of behavioural insights, and how to use “nudge” and choice architecture to help people lead healthier, wealthier and happier lives.

Nudging at BEAR

BEAR co-Directors and affiliated Rotman faculty present their research work that used nudging – from encouraging savings in rural India to reducing cheating in auto insurance forms.

BE101x Online Course

Introduction to the online MOOC course, Behavioural Economics in Action, taught by Professor Dilip Soman.

The Market For Self Control (Part 1)

We often set goals we don’t end up achieving. The need for self control is growing as our ability to plan has increased while our ability to focus has decreased due to many new distractions.

The Market For Self Control (Part 2)

What if the planner could put a lock on the doer’s behaviour? As self control becomes harder, the market for “locks” on our behaviour increases.

Financial Education is Not Enough

When it comes to managing money properly, knowing often isn’t enough. Promoting financial well-being needs to involve all three components: knowledge, numeracy and behavioural facilitation.

A Practitioner's Guide to Gamification

Gamification is one way to ensure that consumers are motivated and engaged while accomplishing their goals. Key principles from A Practitioner’s Guide to Gamification of Education are introduced.

Licensing Effects

Professor Nina Mažar discusses her research on the licensing effect – when people allow themselves to do something bad (or immoral) after doing something good (or moral).

Nina Mažar @ TEDx Toronto

A recording of Professor Nina Mažar’s talk titled “Are all our good intentions just cheap talk?” at TEDxToronto 2015.

The Last Mile

Professor Dilip Soman introduces his book The Last Mile (2015), where he shows how to use insights from behavioural science to overcome last mile difficulties in value creation and value delivery


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