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CRE People

Apart from Rotman faculty, several academics from across the University of Toronto contribute to the Centre's success.

William Strange

Professor William Strange

Director, CRE


Professor Strange earned his B.A. (Economics, History, Math) at University of Oregon and his M.A. and Ph.D. (Economics) from Princeton University.  In 2009, Professor Strange was given the Walter Isard Award for Distinguished Scholarly Achievements in the field of Regional Science by the North American Regional Science Council.  In 2011, he was President of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association. Since 2007, he has served as Editor (with Stuart Rosenthal) ofJournal of Urban Economics  

Professor Strange's research and teaching concern urban economics and real estate.  He has published articles on a wide range of topics.  Some have dealt with agglomeration, the concentration of population in cities and of firms in industry clusters like the Silicon Valley.  Other research has analyzed private government, collective institutions that combine the features of the traditional private and public sectors like community associations, business improvement districts, private schools, and gated communities.  Professor Strange also has carried out research on a number of issues pertinent to real estate investment, many on the general topic of investment under uncertainty.  Some of Professor Strange's recent papers have concerned entrepreneurship, including the geography of female entrepreneurship.  Other recent research has dealt with urban labor market issues, including labor supply and the importance for cities of skills in general and soft skills in particular.  He continues to work on agglomeration and also on the microstructure of real estate markets.

Lu HanProfessor Lu Han

Petro-Canada Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy

Professor Han received her Ph.D. in Economics at Stanford and is currently Petro-Canada Associate Professor of Business Economics at Rotman.

In 2006, she received the Best Dissertation Award from the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association.

Professor Han’s research centers on understanding housing demand, house price dynamics, and the microstructure of real estate markets. Her current research follows three threads. The first thread deals with risks in the housing market. Along this line, she has published papers on topics such as the impact of house price uncertainty on life-cycle housing demand, the tradeoff between risks and returns in the housing market, and a spatial examination of recent housing boom and bust cycles. A second thread of her research focuses on the competition and efficiency issues in the real estate brokerage industry. Her recent work has dealt with entry decisions, rebate policies, and agency relationship in this industry. A third thread of her research concerns the microstructure of real estate markets.  Her work in this area examines liquidity aspects of the housing market, with a particular focus on understanding search, matching, and bidding behavior in the home allocation and negotiation process.

baum-snowNathaniel Baum-Snow

Associate Professor, Economic Analysis and Policy

Nathaniel Baum-Snow is an Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy. He has research interests in urban and real estate economics, labor economics and economic geography. His research includes investigations of reasons for changes in the spatial organization of economic activity in U.S. and Chinese cities, reasons for which workers earn more and have more dispersed wages in larger cities, and the consequences of transportation infrastructure investments on urban growth and welfare. He is a co-editor of the Journal of Urban Economics.


Other Faculty

Many other Rotman faculty have engaged in CRE activities in the areas of real estate and or urban economics, including:  Ajay Agarwal, Bernardo Blum, Heski Bar-Isaac, Avi Goldfarb, Bing HanDushyant Vyas and Mara Lederman.

Many other University of Toronto faculty have engaged in CRE activities as well, including:  Marco Gonzalez-Navarro, Robert MacMillan, Matthew Turner, and Ronald Wolthoff.

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