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Institute for Gender + the Economy

The Institute for Gender + the Economy at the Rotman School seeks to uncover business, career and investment opportunities in finance, business, management, entrepreneurship and the economy by promoting gender analysis in research and education. For Rotman's non-degree programs for women, explore the Initiative for Women in Business- offering professional development programs tailored for each stage of a woman's career.

Gender and the Economy 


Achieving Impact:  translate and disseminate research on gender in finance and business to practitioners in order to support change in their practices - through events, conferences and networking sessions.



Advancing Knowledge: support and promote academic research that will advance our understanding of the dynamics of gender in the economy.

Gender and the Economy 


Training current and future leaders in Rotman’s degree programs: train today’s leaders and prepare future leaders to use gender analysis to uncover career and investment opportunities in finance and business.

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News, Events & Research

Gender Budgeting Infographic

Gender Budgeting for Prosperity

Infographic on lessons learned from a research roundtable @ Rotman

Inequality Event

Rotman Management Magazine Speaker Series on Inequality

This event will mark the publication of Rotman Magazine’s special issue on Inequality. The event will feature four short “TED-style” talks on inequality and what to do about it.
Tuesday October 03, 2017 | 5:00 - 6:00 PM

institute gender and economy

Gender and the Economy

Steve Paikin and Sarah Kaplan | | March, 2017
Is the invisible hand fair to all? On International Women's Day, Sarah Kaplan, director of the Institute for Gender and the Economy at the Rotman School of Management, explained how gender affects economic outcomes.


The debate about quotas

Exploring both sides of the gender diversity quota debate.



Time is personal. We all have the same amount of time - 24 hours a day and yet most of us feel we never have enough. even with today's latest inventions, technology, science, we cant't make time or stop time - or can we? Sarah Kaplan participated in a half-day seminar at Vaughan City Hall, as part of the TEDxWomen series of events. The seminar focused on Ideas, Stories and Solutions.


What Women Add to Boards

By Alina Dizik | | Oct. 2, 2016
Study finds that women often supply skills that were missing


Virtually no change in getting woman on boards in Canada, stats show

By Vanessa Lu | | September 28, 2016
New disclosure rules show 45 per cent of Canada companies have all-male boards, and there’s been little change in this over the past year.

The Institute for Gender + the Economy

Women over 70 pay a premium for new cars

By Adam Jones | | August 15, 2016
Female drivers over the age of 70 are being charged more for new cars than other groups, according to business school research. This links to a paid article.

Institute for Gender and the Ecomony

Inclusion key to creating safe LGBTQ work space

June 23, 2016
There is substantial evidence that the desire for diversity has not translated into psychological safety in the workplace

The Institute for Gender + the Economy

Why aren’t women enrolling in Canada’s MBA schools?

By Jessica McDiarmid | | June 23, 2016
When MBA administrators at Laurentian University learned they had the highest proportion of female students of any business school in Canada, they were shocked.

The Institute for Gender and the Economy


Our frames of reference and procedures contain implicit biases that devalue women’s contributions and reinforce the privileges of dominant groups. Here’s what to do about it. By Professor Sarah Kaplan, Rotman School of Management.


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