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Behavioural Economics at Work

Understand and influence consumer behaviour

In partnership with BEAR

“We often think in terms of changing technology or business processes but now I realize the most important pre-requisite for any change is to understand the human (behavioral) aspect of it to ensure success. 
This was a terrific program and I’ve recommended it to the rest of my team. I can’t wait to see the impact in our business.
Vase Sarmah | Manager,  MNC Service Management
Global Enterprise Technology & Solutions (GETS)


Every organization is in the business of changing behavior.

Dilip Soman
Professor of Marketing

Every organization is in the business of changing behavior. Whether you're trying to get customers to switch from a competitor, ensure compliance to standards, or accelerate decision making, every industry – both public and private – needs to facilitate behaviour change.

Despite this being a universal constant across the board, many organizations are not good at managing behaviour change. Human behaviour is complex, and without the right tools and information, it can seem irrational, unpredictable, and difficult to measure.

Over the course of two days, this program introduces you to insights from the science of behavioural economics and, more importantly, allows you to develop a process for thinking about how you can apply those insights in your own organization.

Rotman's Behavioural Economics in Action (BEAR) research institute conducts leading edge research in the field, helping organizations better understand how real people act so they can design better products, services and programs. This program is based on that proven research and methodology, providing hands-on experience so you can start applying what you've learned immediately upon returning to work.

“Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman (BEAR) within the Rotman Executive Programs has nailed down the art of teaching behavioral science. In the two day course “Behavioural Economics at Work” and a one-day “Design Thinking Workshop” we learned theories, actual case studies and hands-on application on real life situations. I loved the approachable format, and the fact that they chose to feature examples that all users can really relate to. The attendees were all of high calibre and became very engaging as the session moved along. If you are looking to create a nudge to your customers or stakeholders or anyone, the course would teach you the right ingredients.”

Manu Sud | Manager, Analytics and Finance
Ministry of Energy

Key Benefits

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the foundations of behavioral economics, and to develop a framework for behavior change
  2. Develop the ability to audit processes and touchpoints to identify potential barriers, and to use evidence based approaches to behavior change.
  3. Understand the social and digital consumer, and what they mean for organizations
  4. Identify business and policy opportunities that arise from a deep understanding of human behaviour. These might include
    1. product opportunities
    2. customer experience design
    3. process improvements
    4. policy innovation and media / communication innovation

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for senior managers who need to influence behaviour and drive decision making in their organization. Those responsible for

  • product development
  • human resources
  • marketing
  • business development
  • sales
  • financial management and
  • managing risk

from both the private and public sector will benefit from this exploration into the complexities of human behaviour.

The insights from this program will also be beneficial to government and legal departments, privacy commissioners, physicians, healthcare providers, and wealth managers. 


Day 1

An Introduction to Behavioural Insights: A Framework

Deep Dives: Choice Architecture, Nudging and Behaviourally Informed Policy

Day 2

The Digital and Social Consumer

Behaviourally Informed Organizations: The Science of Experimentation and the way Forward

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If space is available and eligibility requirements are met, participants will receive a notice of admission within 10 days of receipt of a completed application and fee deposit.


A deposit of 50% of the program fee is required at time of application. The balance of the program fee is due 30 days after receipt of invoice or 30 days before the start of the program, whichever is first. Payments can be made online. Applicants will be redirected to a secure online payment website after completion of the application form. Deposits will be refunded to applicants not accepted to the program.

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*Participants will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation and incidental costs. Participants requiring accommodation during the program are eligible for preferred Rotman rates at select hotels. For more information contact an Executive Programs representative at

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Dates: February 1-2, 2018

Rotman School of Management

Fee: $3,150 CAD + HST

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