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Transforming Finance: Machine Learning & Blockchain

Formerly titled Financial Innovation

Put machine learning and blockchain technology to work for your organization.

Get ahead of the curve.

Machine learning and blockchain technology are rapidly changing the financial services industry. Organizations that know how to leverage these exciting new tools are able to use them to

  • understand the needs of their customers
  • automate credit decisions
  • detect fraud
  • improve risk management
  • auto-execute contracts
  • create blockchain-based term sheets for start-ups

And that's just the beginning.

See FinTech in action: Learning expedition to Aviva’s Digital Garage

The program includes an insider tour of Aviva’s Digital Garage to see machine learning applications at work in the insurance industry, including a presentation and a Q&A session. Learn first-hand from an organization that is transforming an industry through innovative new technologies.


John Hull, Featured Faculty

Maple Financial Group Chair, Derivatives & Risk Management, Rotman School of Management

John Hull is the Maple Financial Professor of Derivatives and Risk Management at Rotman. His research has an applied focus and is concerned with risk management, bank regulation, valuation of derivatives, and machine learning. He is best known for his books Risk Management and Financial Institutions (now in its 5th. edition), Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives (now in its 10th edition), and Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets (now in its 9th edition). His books have been translated into many languages and are widely used in trading rooms throughout the world, as well as in the classroom. John is also co-director of the Rotman's Master of Financial Risk Management & Master of Finance Programs.

Blockchain technology: more than cryptocurrency

Blockchain, the same technology that powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, allows safe, digital value transfers without trusted intermediaries and greatly simplifies business interactions, but it has much broader applications than just cryptocurrency. Blockchain is poised to dramatically transform supply chain management, product origination, digital identities and more.

Machine learning: automate and innovate

Machine learning is changing financial services. Financial institutions are now able to use this technology understand the needs of their customers, automate credit decisions, detect fraud, improve risk management, and much more. 

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March 28–29, 2019
November 21–22, 2019


Rotman School of Management, Toronto, Ontario


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Financial Executives, leaders and managers


$3,995 CAD


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