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Executive Leadership: Accelerated Development

Build the capabilities you need to accelerate your transformation into the leader you aspire to be.

The cultivation of high potential talent needs support, strategies, and new tools in order to successfully take on new, 21st century leadership roles. Rotman’s Executive Leadership: Accelerated Development program is a three month long engagement that delivers significant value for both you and a current and important work for your organization.

Unlike most leadership programs for this audience, Executive Leadership: Accelerated Development is driven by the goals and challenges of participants. Ideally your workplace is supportive and involved as the strongest results will come from the real work you do between modules, back at the office. We provide high-potential leaders like you with new ways of thinking, acting and leading their projects. Your business provides a focused challenge.

During the program you will work on both a personal leadership development plan and a current challenge from your workplace that could benefit from improved leadership and expert support throughout.  Our faculty, industry experts in their own right, devote a significant amount of time over the three months to supporting each participant individually, advising and coaching them as they apply new leadership skills to drive current work projects and challenges to successful outcomes.

Address your biggest challenges.

Rotman’s Executive Leadership: Accelerated Development will ensure that you are better able to create value for your organization and are on track for greatly accelerated personal development. By the end of the program you will have improved specific and tangible leadership skills such as leading meetings, presenting to large groups, and more effectively relating and connecting with colleagues and customers. Perhaps most importantly, successful completion of the program will lead to a greater sense of agency and motivation – you will demonstrate greater and more meaningful and strategic initiative and accountability.

Alongside the value of accelerated personal development, your organization will benefit tangibly through significant progress on an existing work challenge, creating an additional return on investment for both.

View the three month journey

Apply NowExecutive Leadership: Accelerated Development

A deposit of 50% of the program fee is required at time of application. The balance of the program fee is due 30 days after receipt of invoice or 30 days before the start of the program, whichever is first.

Scott Rutherford, Featured Faculty

Associate Professor, Strategic Management, Rotman School of Management

Scott Rutherford is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management and the Director of Self-Development Laboratory at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

Scott teaches courses in Business Problem Solving, Integrative Thinking, Leadership and Management Consulting, and also works within the Self Development Laboratory as lead faculty.



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Three-month leadership journey with personalized one-on-one faculty consultation on progress


Module 1: Sep 19–20, 2019
Module 2: Oct 17–18, 2019
Module 3: Nov 28–29, 2019 (Residential)

To allow sufficient time for pre-program preparation, on-boarding and initial drafting of your leadership development plan, the deadline for acceptance of applications is September 5, 2019.


Module 1: Feb 27–28, 2020
Module 2: Mar 26–27, 2020
Module 3: Apr 23–24, 2020 (Residential)


Rotman School of Management, Toronto, Ontario


Participant profile:
High performing individuals and emerging leaders with 3 – 8 years full time, mid management experience


$12,900.00 CAD

APPLY NOWExecutive Leadership: Accelerated Development

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