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MBA Essentials for Managers

Become an efficient manager, leader, and decision-maker.

9 evening sessions

Mini MBA Toronto - Rotman School of Management

MBA Essentials for Managers is a series of nine evening sessions that will introduce you to the study areas at the heart of the Rotman Executive MBA Program. The sessions are led by a selection of Rotman’s world-class faculty members, who offer an academic perspective that is complemented by their experience as consultants, managers and expert advisors to some of the world’s most successful corporations. Collectively, they offer insight into diverse fundamental business areas that are at the core of business decisions. At the end of the program, participants come away with an enhanced awareness of essential management issues, which helps them become more effective leaders, managers and decision makers. 

Who Should Attend.

Mid- to senior-level professionals and managers with at least 5 years of work experience, including 3 or more years at the management level. Professionals typically register in MBA Essentials to:

  • become more familiar with management terms and practices;
  • broaden their understanding of how the functional areas within a business interrelate;
  • understand some of the core concepts covered in the Rotman MBA programs;
  • fulfill required continuing education credits and/or professional development criteria;
  • diversify and grow their professional network.


The next program offering is scheduled for November 2019.  Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday evening, for a total of nine evenings.  The application window is expected to open late-August / early-September.    

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All classes will be held at:
Rotman School of Management
105 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5S 3E6

Session Details

Session Details

Doug Hyatt

The Demographic Shift is Here and it’s All Around Us


The Canadian population is getting older, with consequences for personal, corporate and political life. Explore the underlying causes of the aging population,  implications of demographic change that are already apparent but often attributed to other causes, and discuss your role as future business leaders in coming to terms with the many demographic-related challenges you will confront.

Glen Whyte

Negotiating for Success


Negotiation is a key tool in tasks such as making decisions, resolving disputes, allocating resources, solving problems, and making deals. Negotiation expert Glen Whyte will guide you through negotiation techniques and theories to improve your skills, facilitate hands-on negotiation practice with direct and personal feedback, and help you feel more comfortable and confident with the negotiation process.

Nouman Ashraf

Enabling Innovation Literacy through Design Thinking


Innovation plans without organizational-level cultural change are guaranteed to fail. Design Thinking is an approach to innovating every day, hands on, not simply talking about it in abstraction.

In this interactive session, you will be immersed in a series of Design Thinking exercises to build your skills in empathy, identifying unmet user needs, making connections, reframing real organizational challenges and more. You do not need to be a 'creative type' to solve tough challenges. This session will provide you with the tools to think about problems in new ways to find new solutions.

Simon Ashbourne

Marketing Fundamentals


Marketing is about understanding consumers and/or customers, identifying their needs and marshalling the organization’s resources to meet them more effectively than competition. In this session, we will discuss barriers to “getting it right”. By analyzing real-life situations that illustrate universal marketing issues, we will identify concepts and tools that increase our chances of being an effective marketer.

Anne Bowers

Strategy and Value-Based Competition


The organizations that tend to succeed long-term and at a higher level have managers who make decisions to help them compete in the current market but also in possible future markets. These high performers not only have a strategy but they know how to tell a good strategy from a bad one. Strategy expert Anne Bowers will introduce you to the fundamentals of strategy, explore answers to common challenges, and help you develop a framework for approaching strategic choices in a way that leads to long-term success.

Richard Powers

Business Law


Businesses operate within a complex environment of legal, ethical and governance related issues. Managers have a key role in not only recognizing these issues, but also in resolving them effectively and efficiently. Ethical behaviour starts with management and an organization built on sound ethical principles serves as a benchmark by which all stakeholder groups are measured.

Heather-Anne Irwin

Corporate Finance and How Companies Raise Money


Planning, raising, investing and monitoring finance in order to achieve your organization's financial objectives is central to all other business activity. Learn the building blocks of corporate finance from expert Heather-Anne Irwin, including

  • financial statements
  • sources of capital
  • types of capital and
  • accessing markets

We will look at how companies raise money and how the many aspects of the capital markets work together to enable businesses to raise the capital they need to grow and where this money comes from by looking at companies from across industry.

Ramy Elitzur

Strategy and The Art of Accounting


The Enron scandal has focused attention on corporate financial reporting, the potential for abuse, and the destruction of shareholders’ value. Learn how to properly read the information covered in financial statements and how to better understand how it can be manipulated.

John Oesch

Persuasion & Influence


Business leaders need to know what the right thing to do is and how to persuade others to agree. No matter how strong our analysis or how strong our convictions, without consensus we cannot embark on the types of projects and business directions that will drive success.  The ability to ethically persuade and influence our clients, our colleagues, our managers, and our boards of directors is crucial.  John Oesch will guide you through a social psychological approach to persuasion using tested principles that can improve the chances of getting key stakeholders on board.



This program has been approved for 27 continuing professional development hours under section A of the Continuing Professional Development log of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA™).


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Dates and Fees

9 evening sessions offered over the course of a month


November 2019


Rotman School of Management,
Toronto, ON


$3,500 + HST


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