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Kathryn Meisner

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Kathryn Meisner



KATHRYN MEISNER helps people and organizations achieve their goals by leveraging strengths, increasing engagement, and building resilience (she even has a TEDx with 16k views on the topic). Specializing in careers and transitions, Kathryn has supported clients to gain the clarity, skills, and confidence necessary to target and secure new roles with salary increases of over 55%.

An engaging public speaker and facilitator, Kathryn has spoken to and facilitated workshops for more than 20,000 people globally. She has coached clients from 8+ countries through one-on-one sessions and group programs.

Navigating her career as Director at an international tech company and through roles in the private and non-profit sector has given Kathryn first-hand insight into the challenges and opportunities of today’s Canadian job market.

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