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The Initiative for Women in Business is a vital resource for organizations that want to improve their talent management and diversity strategies, and for individuals who want to enhance their professional networks.

Networks and Partnerships

Network for Professional Women

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Best Practices for Corporate Women's Initiatives

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Our Best Practices Network brings together representatives from corporate women’s networks at over 35 organizations to share best practices, review relevant research and explore case studies relating to diversity and inclusion, women`s leadership, and engaging men in diversity initiatives.

Through interactive roundtable events, Best Practices Network Members share successful strategies for attracting and retaining women at all levels within organizations, and the most effective ways to build a more diverse and prosperous corporate culture. We review the latest research on diversity and inclusion, and focus on case studies of organizations, both Canadian and international, that are achieving measurable success in championing diversity and advancing women as industry leaders.

Past Roundtable sessions have included Unlocking the Power of Networks in your Organization; and Creating Successful Diversity Initiatives: Measurement, Messaging and the Engagement of Men. We also host an annual Best Practices Network Symposium, which allows a detailed exploration of the opportunities around diversity and inclusion, the advancement of women, and industry best practices to increase equity and diversity within organizations.

If your organization has an internal women’s network, or is interested in creating one, the Best Practices Network offers valuable resources and strategic connections that can help maximize your efforts.

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Why do networks matter?

Associate Professor Tiziana Casciaro discusses the importance of professional networks and how they are different for men and women.