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Leadership AdvantEdge

A new program for internationally-trained professionals.

You're an ambitious professional looking to start the next chapter of your career in corporate Canada. Do you have the skills and training you need to get ahead?

You're an internationally-trained professional, but do you have the critical skills necessary to be successful in corporate Canada?

Designed by the Rotman School of Management, a global leader in business education and part of the world-renowned University of Toronto, Leadership AdvantEdge is built on the strong success of our Business Edge and MBA Essentials Programs. Leadership AdvantEdge is tailored to meet the needs of Project and Team Leads, Managers, and aspiring Leaders. Participants will master the strategies and techniques needed to manage high-level careers, navigate cultural differences, and increase organizational value. Through the program you will learn how to:

Amplify Core Strengths
Amplify Core Strengths
Learn valuable communication and leadership strategies that will amplify your skills as an effective decision maker.
Adapt Leadership Competencies
Adapt Leadership Competencies
Identify your strengths, leverage your abilities and strategically reposition yourself for the Canadian workplace.
Advance Strategic Relationships
Advance Strategic Relationships
Advance your career with a customized Career Management Plan based on active, focused self-management and strategic relationship building.

The Rotman Advantage

Unique Curriculum Design
Built on the strong success of two unique Rotman programs, Leadership AdvantEdge combines the best of Business Edge and MBA Essentials for Managers: active case analysis, interactive sessions, experiential learning, and personalized career support. 

Diverse Faculty
Rotman’s world-class faculty members offer an academic perspective complemented by their experience as consultants, managers, and expert advisors to some of the world’s most successful corporations. They offer insight into diverse and fundamental areas at the core of business decisions. 

Customized Coaching
Our coaches provide high engagement and a dynamic coaching experience. With their support, you will explore and develop better strategies for your daily workplace practices to accelerate your career. 

Post-Program Support
Follow-up sessions keep participants connected to discuss successes, learning, and challenges as they implement their Adapt/Amplify/Advance strategies.


The first Leadership AdvantEdge cohort begins March 22, 2016 over 11 weeks until June 1, 2016.

The program schedule includes:

  • Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Personalized, one-on-one coaching
  • Follow-up group coaching sessions post program



You will come away from Leadership AdvantEdge focused and ready to realize your career potential, with new assets and honed skills.

Leadership Advantage

  • Enhanced awareness of essential management issues, to become more effective leaders, managers and decision makers
  • A framework to prepare for important interpersonal interactions
  • The art of cultural detection to lead and work effectively across cultures
  • Valuable skills to develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style, leading to positive results for you and your organization
  • Insight into your strengths, how to leverage your abilities, and a plan to strategic repositioning in the Canadian workplace
  • Greater confidence and active, focused self-management
  • Competency to create strong professional relationships on teams, with clients, and within networks 

Bringing together top-line classroom sessions, one-on-one coaching, and blended learning, Leadership AdvantEdge offers participants a program focused on leadership and cultural strategies for Canadian careers. It promotes investment in team and client leadership as a way to enhance personal networks and become a valued organizational ambassador. Program graduates emerge with clear insights, techniques, and best practices for strategic relationship management in today’s professional contexts.

The leadership advantEdge brain Essential business skills 
  • Law and ethics 
  • Marketing fundamentals 
  • Increasing returns and the innovator’s dilemma 
  • Negotiating for success
  • Finance: the currency of corporate decision making 
  • Persuasion and decision making
Leadership skills 
  • EQi 
  • Difficult conversations 
  • The leadership development lab 
  • Emancipatory leadership 
  • Leading in times of change
Canadian professional culture 
  • Unwritten rules of the workplace
  • Intercultural dynamics for the workplace
Advanced communication 
  • Professional communication 1: reaching out
  • Professional communication 2: building your network
  • Professional communication 3: showcasing Your brand
  • Professional communication 4: in touch at work
Strategic relationship management 
  • Understanding the market
  • Identifying your offer
  • Building strategic relationships



    The Leadership AdvantEdge Program is open to ambitious and motivated internationally-educated professionals who: 

    •  Are highly-skilled immigrant Project and Team Leads, Managers and aspiring Leaders 
    •  Have 3 to 8+ years of work experience or recently made a career change 
    •  Are advanced in verbal and written English skills (Canadian Language Benchmark Level 8+) Participants from a wide range of industry backgrounds and all functional areas are encouraged to attend. 


    Applicants must complete the following APPLICATION FORM»


    $8,000 (plus applicable taxes) 

    Tuition includes:

    • Instruction
    • Coaching
    • Study materials
    • Class-day meals
    • Completion certificate

    *Please note that an EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT OF 10% (Program Fee $7,200 plus HST) applies for applications received by November 27, 2015.

    Scholarships are available to all participants. Scholarship eligibility criteria are based on family income and number of dependents. For more information about financial support, please contact Sabina Michael at 416-978-7059.


    Payment in full is required upon acceptance to the Program. The Program fee is due 30 days after receipt of invoice or 30 days before the start of the program, whichever is first. Payments can be made online. Applicants will be directed to a secure online payment website upon acceptance to the program.


    Rotman Initiative for Women in Business participants or Rotman MBA / EMBA alumni are eligible for a discount equivalent to 10% of the Program fee.


    Please review the full version of our APPLICATION POLICIES» for cancellation information.


    If the Program is employment-related training, Rotman must receive a letter from the employer confirming that the Program constitutes such training within the meaning of Canada Revenue Agency Interpretation Bulletin IT-470R. Generally, the Bulletin states that where the training is taken for the benefit of the employer, there is no taxable benefit to the employee.

    If the tuition fee is paid for by the employer, it is the employer’s responsibility to determine whether or not the fees paid on behalf of the individual is a taxable benefit and should be included on his/her T4 slip.


    If an employer has not sanctioned that the Program is being taken for employment reasons, any discounts are taxable benefits to the individual participant and should be included on the individual’s tax return.

    Testimonials from Business Edge graduates:

    "Business Edge is a powerful program that helped me to better understand and navigate the Canadian workplace and be a better leader - and most importantly - it taught me how to take control of my own career. It allowed me to leverage my career experiences and polish many of my skills. By participating in the program, I gained the confidence to to pursue my dreams."

    - Business Edge Participant

    "I found a safe place where real and honest conversations happened about the unwritten rules in the workplace. Highly competent instructors and coaches provided me with invaluable feedback, advice, tools and information that has benefited me and will continue to do so throughout my entire professional and personal life."

    - Renata, Business Edge Participant

    "Business Edge creates an environment where educated and established professionals are comfortable to open up without fear of being judged. That trust evolves into a transformative learning experience resulting in a clear strategic direction towards a desired future. Business Edge offered me alternative resources to re-frame my understanding of effectiveness and competitive success while exploring career advancement opportunities."

    - Armine, Business Edge Participant

    Testimonials from MBA Essentials graduates:

    "The program provided real time insight into corporate practices and competitive strategies, and the legal arena within which they exist. It gave me an edge in my business dealings."

    - George, Vice-President, Claims

    "Very well organized, with great speakers across all areas of business and management. The take-aways have already started making a difference in my career."

    - Philip, Director of Marketing

    "MBA Essentials for Managers marked an important step in my career. It provided me with knowledge, awareness and more confidence to step into situations requiring leadership and decision-making."

    - Deen, News Media

    "It was a truly enriching experience. MBA Essentials boosted my business knowledge, gave me inspiring new ways of thinking, and was a great networking opportunity."

    - Vibika, Director, Television Network

    For Program SupportContact

    Sabina Michael
    Program Manager

    Tel: (416) 978-7059

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