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Banking on Partnership

From innovative collaborations with students to major financial support for our centres, institutes and labs, Scotiabank is strategically investing its philanthropic dollars in the next generation of young leaders. Our multi-faceted relationship fuels innovation and learning while connecting the bank with emerging talent.

January 2019


Brian Porter of Scotiabank

Brian Porter, CEO of Scotiabank, at the announcement of the Scotiabank Disruptive Technologies Venture at the Rotman School of Management

An industry partner of long standing, Scotiabank has generously donated $3,625,000 in support of Rotman students and initiatives. These contributions have helped to fuel Rotman DesignWorks, the Creative Destruction Lab and the Institute for Gender and the Economy, as well as numerous research funds and scholarships

The bank consciously spreads its support across many different dimensions of our school. “For us academic partnerships are about more than money — they’re about learning and exchange,” explains Michael Zerbs (MBA, ’89), Group Head and Chief Technology Officer at Scotiabank. “Being connected with Rotman in different ways gives our teams opportunities to engage with top thinkers in specialized areas. It also gives Rotman students with diverse interests access to our leaders and insight into real-world business challenges.”

Growing presence

During the past year, the bank established the Scotiabank Latin American Scholarships, offering a combined $75,000 in financial support to three outstanding students annually. This investment makes a profound difference for scholarship recipients.It also provides valuable support as the School responds to an upward trend in enrolments from Latin America: the number of students from the region has more than doubled since 2016.

The positive impact of the scholarships should also flow back to Scotiabank over time. The bank already has a substantial presence in Latin America; continuing to build talent and capacity in the region’s banking sector is in line with Scotiabank’s international growth strategy.

“Being connected with Rotman in different ways gives our teams opportunities to engage with top thinkers in specialized areas."

– Michael Zerbs, MBA ’89
Group Head and Chief Technology Officer, Scotiabank

Inspiring exchanges

In addition to offering vital financial support, Scotiabank fuels Rotman’s drive for impact by participating generously in a range of projects, forums and leadership activities. At our annual Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence conference, which attracts some of the world’s leading technologists, Scotiabank is both a major sponsor and a participant, as its in-house teams bring new ideas and applications to discuss with attendees. The bank plays a similar dual role in funding and contributing to MBA projects at Rotman DesignWorks, a business design studio that takes a human-centred approach to innovation challenges.

Scotiabank’s collaborations across Rotman underline that the relationship is indeed about far more than money. “Partnerships have changed the way we look at the world around us,” Michael Zerbs says. The feeling is mutual.

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