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Rotman Investors' Report 2019

March 2020


Tiff MacklemYou aim high. And you invest in getting there. As a valued supporter of the Rotman School of Management, you catalyze our impact, creating value for business and society.

That’s why you expect nothing less than ambitious goals, like the ones we’ve outlined in A Catalyst for Change: Rotman’s Academic Plan 2019–2024.

Based on the four pillars of our promise — insights that cut through the noise, deeper learning, engaged on the most pressing issues, in a powerful place — these goals chart the next leap forward for our School.

See how donors like you are helping turn this vision into reality.

1: Advance the frontiers of management thinking

How do we achieve this admittedly ambitious goal? We disrupt business as usual. Re-imagine a better world. This is where research — supported by a strong network of alumni, business executives, industry partners and other stakeholders — will play a key role. And as you can see in Not business as usual, research conducted by the Rotman School of Management’s Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE) is getting to the root of one of the major issues of our time: gender bias in our businesses and economy.

2: Deliver transformational management education

At Rotman we are huge fans of classroom learning. Our top-notch faculty are proof of that. But we don’t stop there. Our experiential learning opportunities, supported by Dean’s Society members, industry partners and corporate sponsors, are helping us deliver transformational management education. How? Turn to A seat at the table and discover what happens when our best students work abroad or sit on high-impact non-profit boards for six months.

3: Take insight to impact

How can we find our way in a world overflowing with information? Data savvy outlines one solution. Thanks to Rotman’s TD Management Data and Analytics Lab (TD MDAL), our faculty, industry partners and students use high-performance computing power and sophisticated programs in data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to help organizations make better business decisions.

4: Harness the power of community

When the going gets tough, the tough get smart. Luckily, there is no smarter community than Rotman’s alumni and donors. Unbottled talent shows how donor-funded scholarships, such as the new Guloien Family Innovation Scholarship, are helping to attract the best and the brightest students from around the world to Rotman.

Across all of our stories — and our programs, centres and initiatives — is a committed, powerful community of students and alumni, faculty and staff, partners and employers, donors and supporters, leaders and innovators.

Thank you for your visionary support. 

Tiff Macklem

Rotman School of Management

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