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Rotman Marketing Professor Andrew Mitchell Honoured at Conference

Rotman Marketing Professor Andrew Mitchell Honoured at Conference

Toronto, June 26, 2012 – For almost thirty years, Prof. Andrew Mitchell has been at the heart of the Rotman School of Management’s marketing department advising PhD students, conducting leading research in the area of consumer behaviour and attracting other professors to join him as he built one of the world’s top groups of marketing faculty.

On June 22, a special conference featuring more than 20 of his past and present PhD students and current Rotman marketing faculty was held at the University of Toronto in honour of Prof. Mitchell’s career. The day-long event featured research presentations and panel discussions that addressed issues of paramount importance to the marketing field as it advances into the future.

After earning his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley, Prof. Mitchell began his career at Pennsylvania State University followed by a stint at Carnegie Mellon University before coming to UofT in 1984. During his career he advised more than thirty PhD students and started the Rotman PhD program in marketing whose alumni include Prof. Angela Lee of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Prof. Ganesh Iyer of the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley.

"Prof. Mitchell’s contributions to the field of marketing and to the Rotman School have been immense," says Prof. David Soberman, who holds the Canadian National Chair in Strategic Marketing at the Rotman School. "Today our marketing area has professors who excel in their areas of research and teaching including the fields of cognitive and social psychology, behavioral decision theory, econometrics, empirical industrial organization and game theory."

Prof. Soberman organized the conference with Rotman Profs. Dilip Soman and Aparna Labroo, which closed with a celebratory dinner at Toronto’s Cricket Skating and Curling Club. Dean Roger Martin opened the dinner by recognizing Prof. Mitchell’s role and contributions to the University of Toronto and the Rotman School. In addition, Vice Dean Peter Pauly made a special presentation of a plaque to Prof. Mitchell in honour of his role in the education and advising of PhD students.

Prof. Mitchell closed the celebration with some advice for the audience on both the challenges and joy that are associated with training and helping PhD students prepare for the world of academia.