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Time=Money=Less Happiness, Rotman study finds

February 06, 2012
Two members of the faculty at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management were named to the list of the top fifty management thi...  > more

Drunk, powerful and in the dark

October 11, 2011
Power can lead to great acts of altruism, but also corruptive, unethical behavior.  > more

Employees don't always share well with others, says new paper exposing "knowledge hiding"

May 16, 2011
Why isn't knowledge transfer happening more often in companies spending money on it? Maybe it's because their staff don't always want to...  > more

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The Two Sides of Emotional Intelligence

April 25, 2011
People often assume that having good emotional intelligence makes you a better person. Not so, say the authors of a study published in Psych...  > more

Leaders of the Pack Display High EQ, Rotman Study Finds

September 21, 2010
The ability to understand emotions is a key ingredient in people who become leaders in groups with no formal authority, a new paper has foun...  > more

Fast food exposure can make us impatient, Rotman paper finds

March 25, 2010
Fast food is not only bad for your body, but may also harm your bank account. Eating habits have shifted dramatically over the last few deca...  > more

Darkness Increases Dishonest Behaviour

March 01, 2010
Psychological scientists Chen-Bo Zhong, Vanessa K. Bohns (both of the Rotman School of Management), and Francesca Gino (University of North ...  > more

The Oscar Curse? Study says that Oscar win for Best Actress increases the risk of divorce

January 28, 2010
Will Academy Award nominees Nicole Kidman and Annette Bening be at higher risk for a divorce if they win the Oscar for best actress next mon...  > more

"Vive la difference!" Seeing foreigners as foreign encourages local coworkers to assist them finds a Rotman study

January 11, 2010
Whether it's a company with local and ex-pat employees, countries in need of aid, or the elderly interacting with the young, a new research ...  > more

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