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New 'body of evidence' regarding approval of prostitution, compensation for organ donation.

June 01, 2015
Toronto - Selling one's body to provide another person with sexual pleasure and selling organs to restore another person's health are genera...  > more

Keep Your Enemies Close? Study Finds Greater Proximity to Opponents Leads to More Polarization.

February 02, 2015
Toronto — Encouraging adversaries to have more interpersonal contact to find common ground may work on occasion, but not necessarily i...  > more

Best job performance comes from match between first and later work experiences, Rotman study.

January 08, 2015
Toronto – What's better for an employee's long-term success: starting off at a company when the good times are rolling? Or, when money...  > more

The Rise of Gender Capitalism is improving the Financial and Social Return of Investments.

November 19, 2014
Toronto – Investing with a gender lens can create financial and social impact by constructing a new economic logic that bridges the ma...  > more

New Book Maps the Changing Landscape of American Public Sector Innovation in the Twenty-First Century

July 08, 2014
Toronto - A new book by a professor at the University of Toronto addresses the enduring significance of innovation in government as practice...  > more

Location Matters When it Comes to Deal Making says new study from UofT’s Rotman School of Management.

April 07, 2014
Toronto – Even six-year-olds know who you sit beside matters, whether you're in first grade or at a high-powered dinner. But now a n...  > more

Spectacular failures, new opportunities to be expected from equity crowdfunding, says Rotman paper aimed at U.S. policymakers.

July 15, 2013
Toronto -- Equity crowdfunding is not yet legal, but when it is, experts say to expect a period of "chaos" before those involved learn how t...  > more

Information Wants to Be Shared. New ebook from Harvard Business Review Press

October 03, 2012
October 3, 2012 Toronto – A new ebook from Harvard Business Review Press takes a fresh examination of the economics of information s...  > more

bringing science to strategy

September 03, 2012
Many managers feel doomed to trade off the futile rigor of ordinary strategic planning for the hit-or-miss insights from more creative proce...  > more

How Should You Grow Your Organization

August 20, 2012
Business ecosystems change constantly. Opportunities come and go and the race is won by the most agile. Today’s business leaders know all to...  > more

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