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TDSB and U of T’s Rotman School join forces to bring a new way of thinking to TDSB teachers and students: First-time ever offered in public schools

January 25, 2010
The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and the TDSB are proud to announce a partnership that marks the first transfer of co...
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"Vive la difference!" Seeing foreigners as foreign encourages local coworkers to assist them finds a Rotman study

January 11, 2010
Whether it's a company with local and ex-pat employees, countries in need of aid, or the elderly interacting with the young, a new research ...
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Toronto CFA Society Welcomes New Partnership between Rotman Commerce and CFA Institute

January 10, 2010
This week Rotman Commerce celebrated alongside CFA Institute their status as a new CFA Program Partner. CFA Institute is the global associat...
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CEOs rewarded for wrong kind of growth

January 04, 2010
Growth is good, right? Not always.
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Earnings help predict the price of credit default swaps

January 04, 2010
Overexposure to credit default swaps (CDS) – a market-traded form of investment insurance – are believed to have contributed to last year’s ...
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June 15, 2005
The University of Toronto’s Joseph L. Rotman School of Management has received a significant boost in its quest to revolutionize business ed...
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Capital Markets Institute

January 15, 1998
The Toronto Stock Exchange has invested $2.75 million to establish a capital markets institute at the University of Toronto. The institute w...
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