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From our latest issue:  Health(y) Issue

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Leading the Way to Recovery: The Creative Destruction Lab's Moonshot

By Karen Christensen

Last March, it became clear to CDL leaders that honouring their mission would mean redeploying their resources to focus on the global crisis.

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The Next Normal: Trends That Will Define 2021 and Beyond

By Kevin Sneader and Shubham Singhal

COVID-19 has changed the world. But with good leadership, we can ensure it is change for the better.

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Managing the Most Complex Organizations on Earth

Interview with Brian Golden by Karen Christensen

Peter Drucker famously called hospitals “the most complex form of human organization we have ever attempted to manage”. The Rotman School’s resident health sector strategist explains why.

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Gender Analytics: How Gender-Based Insights Create Value

By Sarah Kaplan

Gender-based insights can inform innovative new ways of working, doing business and designing policy.

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Managing Mental Health: A Behavioural Approach

By Renante Rondina, Cindy Quan and Dilip Soman

Mental health policy needs to start embracing models and frameworks from other disciplines — in particular, the field of Behavioural Science.

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Rewriting The Rules of Corporate Governance

By Lynn S. Paine

As boards look to the post-COVID era, they will need to assess their readiness to meet three new demands—and address any gaps they find.

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