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From our latest issue: World 2.0

How to Build Back Better

(FREE) How to Build Back Better
by Ken Corts, Sarah Kaplan, and Soo Min Toh 

In the midst of the global pandemic, Rotman Interim Dean Ken Corts spoke to Professors Sarah Kaplan and Soo Min Toh about what it will mean for organizations to build back better.

Wellness In the age of COVID

(FREE) Wellness in the Age of COVID: The Power of Social Networks 
by Claire Tsai and Joanna Han

COVID-19 restrictions make it difficult to maintain our social networks. But they are more important now than ever before.

Making Economy Work

(FREE) Making the Economy Work For Everyone: Intersectionality and Power 
by Carmina Ravanera and Anjum Sultana

Confidence in the economy is shaped by the health of the population, and one pillar of that involves race, gender, class and other factors that intersect to impact marginalization and oppression.

Adding Value

(FREE) Adding Value with AI: A True Story
by Avi Goldfarb

Organizations everywhere have begun to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI). The PVSC story indicates the opportunities and challenges that come with the territory.

Wakeup Call
The Wake-Up Call: How the Pandemic Has Exposed the Weakness in the West
by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge

COVID-19 gives us a chance to rethink the overall design of our system and ask what government is for — something which has not happened for decades.
Low Touch Economy

Welcome to the Low-Touch Economy 
Interview with Nick De Mey by Karen Christensen

The global pandemic has put an end to the handshake. But defaulting to ‘low-touch’ will have many other lasting effects on our economy and society.

Resilient Leadership

A Guide to Resilient Leadership
by Punit Renjen

Five fundamental qualities of resilient leadership can help to blunt the impact of the global pandemic — and enable an organization to emerge stronger.

Politics of Business

The Politics of Business: A Playbook Emerges 
by Gregory Unruh and David Bach

In our hyper-polarized environment, business has become highly politicized, creating a new realm of competition that demands speed, values and alignment.


Innovation: Our Shared Responsibility
by S.D. Anthony, P. Cobban, N. Painchaud and A. Parker

Modern organizations are brimming with innovative energy that is largely constrained. More than ever, we need to release, harness and amplify it.

Prioritizing Health

Prioritizing Health: A Prescription for Prosperity
by J. Remes, K. Linzer, S. Singhal, M. Dewhurst, P. Dash, J. Woetzel, S. Smit, M. Evers, M. Wilson, K.A. Rutter and A. Ramdorai 

Improving the health of the world’s population could add 10 healthy years to midlife — impacting the economy and much more.

Virtuous Capital

Virtuous Capital: How to Measure Business’s Contribution to Society 
by Roger L. Martin, Alison Kemper and Rod Lohin

Annual budgets and sustainability reports provide hints, but capital commitments are far more revealing of a company’s true character.

How to Build In the age of uncertainty

How to Build an Uncertainty Advantage
by Hans Kuipers, Alan Iny and Alison Sander

Rather than seeking to eradicate uncertainty, top-performing organizations create the conditions for living with it successfully.

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