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A Toolkit for Leaders (Fall 2020)

Leaders across industries and borders are confronting the most challenging questions of their careers: How can we keep employees and customers safe? How is COVID-19 shifting consumer and commercial behaviour? And what will the new normal look like? In this issue of Rotman Management, we look at the mindsets, strategies, and other tools that will be particularly valuable as we adjust to the economic and societal fallout from the global pandemic. 

Spring 2020 Cover

Behavioural Insights (Spring 2020)

By now, most leaders recognize that both social and psychological factors affect nearly every decision people make — and that therefore, these factors affect every organization and the economy as a whole. In this issue, we seek to expand your understanding of human behaviour and decision processes and show how these insights can be harnessed to achieve your goals.


Rotman Magazine Cover Winter 2020

Creative Destruction II (Winter 2020)

Everywhere we look, digital technologies and innovative business models are transforming organizations and industries. In our second issue on this topic, we cover the upsides as well as some of the potential downsides of AI and machine learning, showing that, ironically, technology might actually make us all more human—by freeing us up to be more creative, empathetic and innovative.