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Top Ten Articles in 2014

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Following are the top ten best-selling articles for 2014:


Leveraging Diversity Through Psychological Safety
By: Amy Edmondson & Kathryn Roloff  |  Issue: Accountability (Fall 2009)  
Diversity is a key part of the modern landscape, but left unchecked, it can impair both performance and learning. Learn more.
Topic: Leadership & Managing People


Beyond the 4Ps: A New Marketing Paradigm Emerges
By: Yoram Wind  |  Issue: Priceless (Spring 2014)
The traditional definition of Marketing ignores the transformative effects of today's empowered consumers. The time has come for a new paradigm. Learn more.
Topic: Sales & Marketing


A Playbook for Strategy: The Five Essential Questions at the Heart of Any Winning Strategy
By: AG Lafley, Roger Martin, & Jennifer Riel  |  Issue: Nice Work! (Winter 2013)
A winning strategy can be created by answering the same five questions, regardless of industry. Learn more.
Topic: Strategy & Execution


Innovation and Learning in Teams: The Challenges = The Benefits
By: Amy Edmondson & Ingrid Nembhard  |  Issue: Artistry (Spring 2010)
The challenges of creative teamwork can be formidable, but they can also help to build individual and team resilience. Learn more.
Topic: Leadership & Managing People


Difficult Conversations: How to Address What Matters Most
Interview with Doug Stone by Karen Christensen  |  Issue: Undiscussables (Spring 2011)
The man who wrote the book on Difficult Conversations talks about how they threaten our identity and why it's not always wise to share your feelings. Learn more.
Topic: Leadership & Managing People


Power, Approach, and Inhibition
By: Deborah Gruenfeld, Dacher Keltner, & Cameron Anderson  |  Issue: Spring 2005
Power is a basic force in social relationships and the dynamics and structure of personality. Learn more.
Topic: Organizational Development


Being a Mad Man Without Losing the Plot: Advertising Guidelines for the Ages
By: David Dunne  |  Issue: Use Your Imagination (Fall 2011)
Creating effective advertising is no easier today than it was in the industry's 1950s heyday. Ten guidelines can help. Learn more.
Topic: Sales & Advertising


The Progress Principle: Optimizing Inner Work Life to Create Value
By: Teresa Amabile & Steven Kramer  |  Issue: Open (Winter 2012)
Inner work life is critical to organizational progress: when one goes downhill, so does the other. Learn more.
Topic: Leadership & Managing People


The Waiting Game: The Psychology of Time and its Effects on Service Design
By: Dilip Soman  |  Issue: Secret Sauce (Spring 2013)
Waiting in queues is a ubiquitous consumer experience, but it doesn't have to be a negative one. Learn more.
Topic: Leadership & Managing People

Re-Framing Opportunities: Design Thinking in Action
by Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King, & Kevin Bennett  |  Issue: Legacy (Fall 2013)
How Design Thinking improved the lives of a group of Dannish seniors. Learn more.
Topic: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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