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Top Ten Articles in 2015

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Following are the top ten best-selling articles for 2015:


Difficult Conversations: How to Address What Matters Most
Interview with Doug Stone by Karen Christensen
In this interview, negotiations expert and author Doug Stone describes the ways in which difficult conversations threaten our identity. Learn more.
Topic: Leadership & Managing People


Difficult Conversations 2.0: Thanks for the Feedback!
by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen
In the realm of feedback, the receiver - not the giver - is the key player in the exchange. The authors describe three triggers that lead us to dismiss feedback, and how to counteract them. Learn more.
Topic: Leadership & Managing People


A Playbook for Strategy: The Five Essential Questions at the Heart of Any Winning Strategy
by A. G. Lafley, Roger Martin, and Jennifer Riel
The authors argue that strategy can be defined and created using a simple framework that entails answering five questions - the same five questions, no matter the type, size or context of the organization. Learn more.
Topic: Strategy & Execution


Leveraging Diversity Through Psychological Safety
by Amy C. Edmondson and Kathryn S. Roloff
The authors explain how 'psychological safety' can enable team diversity to be better and leveraged, allowing a team to reap the benefits associated with diverse sets of skills, experience, knowledge and backgrounds. Learn more.
Topic: Leadership & Managing People


A Practitioner's Guide to Nudging
by Kim Ly, Nina Mazar, Min Zhao, and Dilip Soman
A nudge is any aspect of the 'choice architecture' that alters people's behaviour in a predictable way, without removing any options or changing economic consequences. This article describes 12 possible types of nudges and its benefits. Learn more.
Topic: Strategy & Execution


Beyond the 4Ps: A New Marketing Paradigm Emerges
by Yoram Wind
Our mental models determine the way we see the world. In the realm of Marketing, the author argues that many peoples' mental models are severely outdated. He explains why the old Marketing paradigm is outdated, and describes six aspects of the new landscape that modern marketers must embrace in order to thrive in what he calls "a new marketing paradigm." Learn more.
Topic: Sales & Marketing


The Digitization of Just About Everything
by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee
Exponential improvement in computer gear is one of three fundamental forces enabling what the authors call 'The Second Machine Age'. They describe how innovation is being propelled by vast numbers of powerful-but-cheap devices. Learn more.
Topic: Technology & Operations


Power, Approach, and Inhibition
by Deborah Gruenfeld, Dacher Keltner, and Cameron Anderson
The authors show that we are beginning to understand how power influences cognitive processes such as stereotyping, complex social reasoning, moral judgment, and inferences about non-verbal behaviour. Learn more.
Topic: Organization Development


Unlocking the Promises of Big Data
by Anita M. McGahan
'Big data' is everywhere. Organizations of all types have been encouraged to embrace the detailed, micro-level data generated by digital devices to become more efficient. This article describes the eight big data tools that can make up a big data strategy. Learn more.
Topic: Strategy & Execution


Overchoice: Why Variety Can Backfire
by Dilip Soman and John T. Gourville
It has long been believed that product variety is beneficial to consumers, and that a wider assortment will logically better-meet their varied preferences than a narrower assortment. The authors call this 'variety-is-good' belief into question. Learn more.
Topic: Sales & Marketing

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