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The Future of Capital (Fall 2008)

By the dawn of the 21st century, a revolutionary change had taken hold in the realm of value creation: physical and financial assets were no longer the key factors of sustainable competitive advantage. Instead, leading companies depend on superior human and knowledge assets for their competitive edge. In this issue, we aim to expand your understanding of today's most valuable forms of capital and how they contribute to the bottom line.

The All-Consuming Issue (Spring 2008)

Many of us are caught up in a cycle of 'work and spend', where consumption is our major form of reward for the long hours we work and the stress of daily life. Unfortunately, the results of our rampant consumption are becoming increasingly apparent, and they aren't pretty. In this issue, we examine how and why we consume, and how our choices impact the planet.

Thinking about Thinking (Winter 2008)

Most of us are not skilled questioners; we tend to accept the world as it is presented. Good thinkers on the other hand question the status quo on a regular basis. If we are to maximize the quality of our thinking, we must first learn how to become effective critics of it, and to achieve that, we must make learning about thinking a priority. This issue is the first in a series exploring the importance of metacognition - thinking about thinking.