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Back Issues 2012

Hit Refresh (Fall 2012)

The fallout from the global financial crisis is but one of the challenges facing today's leaders. There is no roadmap for regaining our collective footing; it will just require good old-fashioned commitment, creativity, and perseverance by all involved. In this issue, we look at various ways for individuals and organizations to hit the proverbial 'refresh' button and come out of this challenging period stronger than ever.

Wicked Problems II (Spring 2012)

We have all faced wicked problems at some point: what features should we include in our next product? What will we do when oil resources run out? How can we better engage young customers? The second in our 'wicked problems' series, this issue presents some of the tools and mindsets required to tackle problems which cannot be resolved by traditional problem-solving processes.

Open (Winter 2012)

Digital technology and the Internet have irrevocably changed our world. In one short generation, we've seen a dramatic shift in how we interact with organizations, do our jobs, buy things, and communicate with each other. In this issue, we tackle some key issues related to openness in hopes of helping you and your organization thrive in our interconnected, collaborative world.