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Leading thinkers from academia, business, consulting, and design give us their input on a key aspect of each issue's theme.

Q&A with Malissa Clark

Interview by Karen Christensen

A psychologist and self-professed overworker describes how to recognize workaholism in yourself and others.

Q&A with Scott Shigeoka

Interview by Jason Hreno

The author of an Amazon Best Books of 2023 title explains the importance of moving up on the curiosity spectrum.


Q&A with Andrew McAfee

Interview by Jason Hreno

An expert on succeeding in the digital economy shares insights from his latest book.


Q&A with Vanessa Patrick

Interview by Carolyn Drebin

A researcher and author describes ‘the art of empowered refusal.’

Alison Wood

Why All Conversations are Difficult

QUESTIONS FOR | Alison Wood Brooks
Behavioural Scientist and Professor, Harvard Business School
Interview by Matt Abrahams

An expert on difficult conversations explains why all conversations are difficult—and what to do about it.

ed catmull

Ed Catmull on Core Elements of His Leadership Style

Co-Founder, Pixar and Author, Creativity Inc.
Interview by Jason Hreno

A film industry pioneer explains the core elements of his leadership style—and why people are wrong about Steve Jobs.

Tessa West

How to Work with Jerks

NYU Professor of Psychology and Author, Jerks at Work

Interview by Seb Murray

From credit-stealers to gas-lighters, an NYU Psychologist describes how to deal with troublesome colleagues.

Jody Grewal

How Science-Based Targets Will Fuel Sustainability

Assistant Professor of Accounting, UofT Mississauga

Business has a vital role to play in building a zero-emission economy.

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Why Influence is Your Superpower

Professor, Yale School of Management and Author, Influence is Your Superpower
Interview by Karen Christensen

An influence expert describes how to get more of it — and how to avoid its dark side.

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Investing as a Social Activity

TSX Chair in Capital Markets, Rotman School of Management
Interview by Karen Christensen

How heuristics and biases in social interactions promote the adoption of personal investing decisions.


The Journey from Stressed to Happy

Author, The Awesome Human Project
Interview by Carolyn Drebin

A high achiever describes her burnout and how she developed ‘emotional fitness.’


How to Talk About Racism

QUESTIONS FOR: Robert Livingston
Professor, Harvard Kennedy School and Author
Interview by John J.H. Kim

The conversation around racism at work continues. Here, an expert in the field shares his latest insights.

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How ‘CovH anxiety’ Has Affected Employees

It is too early to robustly understand the impact of COVID-19 on long-term psychological outcomes; healthcare professionals have already noted a marked increase in anxiety due to the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19.

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QUESTIONS FOR: Paula Davis, CEO, Stress and Resilience Institute

A former high-powered lawyer who switched her focus to stress management describes the warning signs for burnout.

Heather Chalmers

Questions for Heather Chalmers

A CEO and Rotman alumna talks about the business challenges caused by COVID-19 and how to re-frame them as opportunities.

Mark Britnell

Questions for Mark Britnell

A thought leader discusses the new world of healthcare that is emerging as a result of the global pandemic.


How Business Leaders Can Tackle Racism

Lawyer and community activist, Anthony Morgan, on making Black lives matter in corporate Canada.


11 Sources of Disruption

A quantitative futurist advises leaders to pay attention to 11 sources of disruption.


How To ‘Build Back Better’ after COVID-19

Rotman Professor Sarah Kaplan explains how in the midst of the pandemic companies need to redesign, reorient, and realign.


Solving Problems Before They Start

The author of four New York Times bestsellers describes how ‘upstream thinking’ allows you to solve problems before they happen.

The Conscientious Investor

A behavioural finance and innovation strategy expert explains the key findings of TD’s latest study on wealth personalities.


The Timeless Power of Social Norms

Interview with Kristen Duke, Professor of Marketing, Rotman School of Management


How to be Indistractable

Best-selling author and behavioural design expert, Nir Eyal, describes the pervasive state of distraction that plagues people today.

Embracing AI in Financial Services

RBC's Chief Science Officer, Dr. Foteini Agrafioti, talks AI, bias, and 'explainability'.