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Over the last decade, organizations have faced one disruptive challenge after another. And unfortunately, it seems many leaders haven’t risen to the occasion. In MIT’s 2020 Global Executive Study, just 12 per cent of 4,394 respondents strongly agreed that their leaders had the right mindsets to lead them forward. And that was before COVID-19 came along, adding to the ‘challenge portfolio’ for every leader and manager in the world.


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From the Editor

No one knows what our disruptive world will throw at us next. But we can be certain of one thing: those who possess a repertoire of complementary competencies and ...

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Thought Leader Interview with Dr. Amol Verma

Interview by Karen Christensen

One of Canada’s most innovative physicians describes the work being done behind the scenes to take the country’s healthcare system into the future.

Article Thumbnail

Everybody’s Business

by Dany Assaf, Walid Hejazi and Joe Manget

Four pillars of prosperity will ensure Canada thrives throughout the 21st century.

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The Mentally-Healthy Workplace

Interview with Poppy Jaman by Karen Christensen

Mental health advocate Poppy Jaman describes how leaders can — and must — nurture mentally-healthy workplaces.

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Indigenous Economic Strategy 101

Interview with Dawn Madahbee Leach by Sara Wolfe (Rotman MBA ‘17)

Dawn Madahbee Leach — the first Indigenous woman to helm a Canadian lending institution — talks about the National Indigenous Economic Strategy.

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Remote Work and Inequality

by Carmina Ravanera, Kim de Laat and Sarah Kaplan

If workplaces have policies that support healthy remote and hybrid work models, not only will employees and organizations benefit, so will equality in the workplace.

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Hybrid Leadership: Lessons from a Crisis

by Geoffrey Leonardelli

Remote and hybrid work environments are here to stay. Three powerful principles will enable successful ‘hybrid leadership’.

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The Art of Data Interrogation

by Christopher Frank, Paul Magnone and Oded Netzer

An abundance of data is not a crystal ball. Data-driven leaders must learn the art of Precision Questioning.

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The Adjacent Possible

by Nathan Furr and Susannah Harmon Furr

There are infinite possibilities hidden in the world around us. Seven principles can help you tap into an expansive field of opportunity, individually and as an organization.

Article illustration

21st-Century Investing: The Power of Capital

Interview with Asha Mehta by Karen Christensen

Emerging markets expert Asha Mehta describes the three mega-themes that are transforming the world’s emerging markets, creating a new investing paradigm.

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Non-Disruptive Creation

by W. Chan Kim and Renée Maubourgne

To explore and capture more growth opportunities, we need to broaden our view of innovation to include a concept that has been right there, all along.

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The Adaptive Organization

by Joerg Esser

Today’s organizations are complex adaptive systems that rely on the underlying dynamic of emergence — calling for a whole new set of priorities.

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Deliberate Calm: How to Lead in a Volatile World

Interview with Michiel Kruyt by Karen Christensen

Leadership expert and former CEO Michiel Kruyt describes the ability every leader needs to master to thrive in a VUCA world.

Idea Exchange

Article Thumbnail

How to Assure Your Impact as a Leader

Executive in Residence, Rotman School of Management

Linking your core values to your leadership style creates long-term impact.

Article Thumbnail

How to Embrace Change

QUESTIONS FOR | Jason Feifer
Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine

Understanding the four stages of change can help more of us embrace it.

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