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Leadership today is permeated by paradoxes: leaders must hold and share power; generate short term and long-term results; provide stability and display adaptability; optimize data and use hard-earned intuition — to name a few. In this issue we attempt to touch on some of the concepts and topics leaders need to think about and incorporate into their mindsets going forward.


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From the Editor

Leadership today is permeated by paradoxes: leaders must hold and share power; generate short term and long-term results; provide stability and display adaptability; optimize data and use hard-earned intuition — to name a few....

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Thought Leader Interview with Carla Harris

Interview by Karen Christensen

A Wall Street veteran and acclaimed leader describes the new leadership paradigm.

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Principled Consumption

by Katherine DeCelles

Companies that perpetuate gender pay gaps should know that public disclosure can lead to significant changes in consumer behaviour.

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Intentional Leadership

by Rose M. Patten

Traditional leadership (instinctive, non-reflective) is being replaced by ‘intentional leadership’ powered by eight core capabilities.

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Are You Making the Most of Your Data?

by Preethika Sainam, Seigyoung Auh,
Richard Ettenson and Yeon Sung Jung

Every company wants to make the most of data and analytics, but a majority aren’t hitting the mark.

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Taking a Stand on Social Issues

by Rachel Ruttan

Is your company’s public stance on social issues reflected by its behaviour? If not, the road ahead will be bumpy.

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Creating Value in the Metaverse

by Tarek Elmasry, Eric Hazan, Hamza Khan, Greg Kelly, Shivam Srivastava, Lareina Yee and Rodney W. Zemmel

While the metaverse is still being defined, its potential to unleash the next wave of digital disruption is increasingly clear.

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Blast Off: The Space Economy Takes Flight

by Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans, Avi Goldfarb,
Chris Hadfield and Mara Lederman

As access to space opens up, there is renewed excitement amongst investors about the industry’s potential.

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The Global Rise of Unhappiness

by Jon Clifton

We’ve figured out how to measure just about everything. But we missed something important: We forgot to measure how people feel.

Article illustration

Leading with Heart

by John Baird and Edward Sullivan

Leading with heart isn’t just about making people feel good. It’s about creating an environment of safety and connection versus one of fear and isolation.

Article illustration

A Primer for Crypto-Trading

by Andreas Park

Blockchain-based trading holds enormous promise. But market participants should be aware of the risks and opportunities it presents.

Article illustration

How to Become an Ecosystem Player?

by Ulrich Pidun, Martin Reeves and Balazs Zoletnik

DoorDash, Spotify and Alibaba are just some of the companies reinventing the rules of strategy by deploying a new model: the business ecosystem.

Article illustration

‘High-Road’ vs. ‘Low-Road’ Employment Practices

by Greg Distelhorst and Anita M. McGahan

Despite decades of efforts to eradicate, socially-irresponsible employment practices, they persist. But corporations can take steps to move global partners to the high road.

Article illustration

The Art of AI Maturity

by Krish Banerjee

For ‘AI Achievers’, AI isn’t the secret to superior performance. It’s how they approach AI that makes them successful.

Idea Exchange

Jody Grewal

How Science-Based Targets Will Fuel Sustainability

Assistant Professor of Accounting, UofT Mississauga

Business has a vital role to play in building a zero-emission economy.

Tessa West

How to Work with Jerks

NYU Professor of Psychology and Author, Jerks at Work

Interview by Seb Murray

From credit-stealers to gas-lighters, an NYU Psychologist describes how to deal with troublesome colleagues.

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