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Rotman Management Leader's Digest

Leader’s Digest is a compilation of best-selling articles from Rotman Management magazine on a timely management topic. Available in digital format only, the series includes two volumes: 'Thriving' (Volume 1) and 'Creativity' (Volume 2).


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Volume 2: Creativity

Creativity has become the defining feature of early 21st century economic life, powering the great ongoing changes of our time. However, until recently, creativity has not been explicitly valued in business. In our second Leader’s Digest collection, we present popular articles that bring together various aspects of creativity and show what leaders can do to enable more of it in the workplace.

  • +80 pages of inspiration that will help you and your team foster and manage creativity to gain a crucial advantage
  • Expert insights from Harvard, Stanford, IDEO, Rotman, and more
  • Exclusive Q&As with leading management practitioners such as Michael Gelb and Bruce Nussbaum discussing improvisation, confidence, and inspiration


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Volume 1: Thriving

A thriving workforce is one in which employees and their leaders are not just satisfied and productive: they are engaged in creating the future - both the organization's and their own. This special digital compilation issue from Rotman Management gives you timeless ideas from our archives that will enable you, your employees, and your organization to thrive.

  • +65 pages of ideas and advice to help you - and the people who report to you - flourish at work
  • Tips from experts like Bill George and Lynda Gratton to help shape your career and organization for the better
  • Profiles of the 4 types of people you need on your team so that you and your company can prosper